Save Your Bucks by Discerning Art Forgers this Way

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Art forgery scandals have been doing rounds since time immemorial. There are many art forgers selling artworks with an intention to deceive the art collectors and enthusiasts. These forgers know no bound, they trick people into buying fake paintings through every possible medium. Whether you buy paintings online or offline, you will encounter them everywhere. Although it’s hard to spot the fake paintings that these forgers trick many into buying, it still isn’t impossible.

Thus, this blog post will tell you the tips and tricks to catch those who might fool you as clearly, none of you would want to waste their bucks when they buy paintings online or offline. Have a look.

Identify a Fake Signature this way

Forgers are a master of copying the aesthetics of paintings in the most precise manner possible. This makes it quintessential for an art lover to have a hawk’s eye to be able to recognize a fake signature. However, the good news is, no matter how precisely the counterfeiter tries to imitate the painting, he cannot use the exact same techniques and the hands of the painter who originally made that painting. In the context of signature, usually painters use a brush to do their signature and there would be the presence of some strokes in the original one which can be checked using a microscope. It’s easier to spot fake signatures in a print or lithograph.

Moreover, you should look beyond the signature even if they seem to be real in order to make the conclusion.

Seek help from a Forgery detective

If you fall amongst the group of art lovers who buy paintings online always then this makes your fake painting spotting ability quite evident. Not just you but anyone, who hasn’t visited brick and mortar paintings gallery or other art exhibitions should never ever buy a painting that they are doubtful about, without consulting a forgery detective. Moreover, always remember to seek help from the expert before buying the painting as knowing that you have bought a fake painting art the price of an original will only add up to your grief and would not get you your hard-earned money back.

Furthermore, you can even take notes on how the detective is checking the painting or can even take classes from him. Besides that, you can also check on Internet the list of forgers and see images of comparison between fake and original copies. Thereafter, train your eye by regularly evaluating them.

Check online with the stolen art database

If one is not buying art from the artist who has made the painting then it becomes very important to check the list of stolen art database before buying any art piece. For the same, there are websites like IFAR (International Foundation of Art Search) and Interpol which maintains a database of stolen art for clearing the clouds of doubt or for being on the safer side.

Research the Artist and his Artworks

It is pertinent to know about the artists and his artworks if you want to ascertain the authenticity of a particular artwork. You should know how the painting looks like, that is, the back, the top, the front, the bottom and the sides, the framing and each and every aspect in detail. Moreover, while looking at his other artworks try to figure out the common characteristics that constitute his painting style by observing their brush strokes, their favorite subject matters and compositions, their sign on art they make and the way it is generally framed, mounted, or displayed.

You should use these while discussing the artwork that you are thinking of buying. Gradually, you will realize that every artist has a unique style, just like a fingerprint of which one cannot find another exact copy of.

Summing Up

Forgers are more of a major problem especially for those who buy original paintings online. Additionally, recognizing art forgers is becoming more and more difficult these days as another huge stumble in the way of detecting imitated artworks are the hand-painted copies. The makers of these copies bet that they can reproduce any painting exactly like the real ones. Many forgers are getting the paintings reproduced by them which makes it hard for even an expert to identify the real paintings from its counterparts.  Furthermore, the copies that are unsigned and have a newly glued label, too are a strong indicator of reproduced paintings sending you a strong message that the person is an art forger.

Nonetheless, the above, mentioned tips will surely help you after you will start implying them whenever you buy paintings online or offline. Surely, practicing them will make your hone the ability soon.

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