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There was a time when the more assets we possessed, the luckier we were in the eyes of the society.  But in today’s time the more we possess, the more we are exposed to potential robberies or thefts. We can’t control the potential risks, but at the least we can try to protect ourselves from the financial loss. For this, it is advisable to take up a home protection plan where you will be covered for all your losses and damages.

Smart Tips to Guard Your Home

Safe place: Your very first precaution should be to keep all your possessions and valuables at a safe place where it is not easily detectable.

Smart storages: If possible, try to build up smart storehouses with number locks.

Shield your house: If you have an open area around your home, it is advisable to cover it all with fence or glass pieces.

Change your locks: It is advisable to change your locks frequently in order to avoid the risk of key duplication by thieves or other known people.

Do not talk about your travels: If you are planning a trip in a nearby period, do not declare it to everyone especially your strangers.

Do not label your personal keys: If you have a habit of labeling your keys in order to make it easy for you, then it is advisable to stop doing that. It may end you up in huge troubles.

Infuse a CCTV camera: In case you have a huge house and keeping a track around every corner is not easy, then it is better to install CCTVs in order to monitor the activities.

Avoid automatic openers: Now-a day’s most of our locks are automatic through an electronically operated system. You must try to avoid it as far as possible, especially if you are a frequent traveler.

Keep your location services off: When you are traveling, it is advisable to keep your location services off, if possible, as the burglars can track your location as well as the duration of your home visits. It is advisable to avoid the usage of such type of services in order to keep yourself away from security issues.

Avoid social media check-ins: In the time of social media, everything is observed and tracked. It is advisable to avoid frequent check-ins on social platforms, in case you are traveling for longer durations. You may never know when you will be traced, and your house will be robbed.

Take home protect insurance: With an insurance policy, the losses incurred due to burglary can be reimbursed up to the sum insured in your policy. However, the terms and conditions may vary for the same.

How Can Bajaj Finserv Keep You Safe?

In order to protect your house from such activities, Bajaj Finserv offers home protection policy under the wings of pocket insurance.

Benefits of the policy

  • The policy covers up to Rs.5 lakh with just a premium price of Rs.199 per annum.
  • It covers damages, financial loss, theft, etc. both in your presence as well as your absence. It covers damages like:
  • Monetary loss- Cash and cheques
  • Furniture and fixtures
  • Electronics
  • Wearables
  • TVs, CD/DVD players, stereo sets, etc.

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