Schedule Of Summer- Wake up, Sleep, Eat, Exercise, Safe From Hot How

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Summer drains the water out of your body, leaving you tired and exhausted. The body sweat, high temperature, the frequent sensation of thirst and still nothing able to quench it, everything leaves you infuriated. All you need is cool air and cold drinks and ice creams all day, calming your body down. All you wish is to stay at home all day with fans, coolers and AC on. But this is not possible as there is work to do. You will have to move out for some reason or another and this will set up a date with the sun’s heat.

yoga treatment

Problems Associated With Summer

There are many health problems that you might in the summer season. For example, you might get sunburned or tanning, infections, dehydration, sun or heat stroke, eye irritation, nose bleeding, etc. Half of these problems are caused because of lack of water in the body due to dehydration and sudden change of temperature. Suppose, you are inside your house, enjoying the cool temperature maintained by the Air Conditioner and next you have to go out in the hot afternoon of the summer season. This causes sudden changes in temperature and if your immune system is not excellent, you might end up getting sick.

Summer Routine: How To Keep Your Body Health During Summer Season

Sun comes early during the summer season. If you sleep till afternoon, you will find yourself angry and pissed off. Also, this not good for your health. To maintain a good health condition in summer season you must stick to a routine. According to this, your schedule must be planned. A simple routine that you can follow is get up early in the morning, do exercise, for example yoga therapy in India, have a heavy breakfast, grab afternoon’s sleep or nap at noon if possible, have a light dinner on time, and sleep on time. You must take heavy breakfast, especially in the summer because your body gets tired very soon in this season and hence it needs the energy to carry on till the end of the day.

Dealing With Summer Sickness: Yoga Therapy In India

You can take certain solid and effective steps in order to avoid summer sickness. Following are some of the things that you can do

  • Drink lots and lots of water. Intake liquid supplement like, glucose, cool beverages, natural juices, etc.
  • Avoid coming in direct contact with the sun. Avoid going out when the sun is at its peak as much as possible. Cover yourself up if you have to go out in the heat.
  • Never let your body go through sudden changes in temperature. If you have to go out in the hot weather and you are already at a cool temperature, then shut down the AC and let your body gradually come to a normal temperature then move out.
  • Indulge in Yoga Therapy In India as it promises to stimulate your body system in such a manner that it will grow its immunity for the summer’s heat.

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