The Secret Little Guide for Owning Your First Piece of Art

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Every novice art lover whether an occasional buyer or an incessant art collector has his own apprehensions and suspicions. Many fear to buy a forged artwork at the price of an original. Some are not sure what kind of art exactly they should be buying. Few are totally clueless and have no idea about anything.

Therefore, in this blog post, you will get to know some of the best tips for buying your first piece of art. Keep reading.

  • Decide the amount you want to invest but don’t be rigid with it-

There is no limit to the amount which one can spend in buying art. You will find the prices of many artworks sky high and some affordable. Hence, it’s you who needs to set a budget before making the first art purchase. After deciding the amount you can tell the seller your budget or if you want to buy art online you can narrow down your budget in the filter section. This would prove to be all the more beneficial for those who have the habit of deviating from their spending capacity as soon as they something irresistibly exquisite. What else is better than buying a painting you love without misbalancing your monthly expenses?

  • Know the color scheme, size, and style prior to your purchase-

Going just by how beauteous a painting is, without keeping in mind the space you are planning to place it in, will surely make you regret buying the first art piece. Imagine how a very beautiful painting with neutral shades will look on the wall with a peach shade. Obviously, they will deteriorate each other’s beauty instead of appreciating. Hence, whether you are planning to buy art online or from the offline alternatives, you must buy a painting in accordance to the color and size of your space or room in which you want to place it.

  • Search for the red dot-

If you at some brick and mortar gallery tend to like a particular painting and it is also matching the color scheme and size you have in your mind, don’t get over joyous. Make it a point to always check first, the presence of a red dot on the painting. If the painting has a red dot it means that the painting has been sold and if there isn’t any then you just got lucky. The red dot also implies that the paintings of the artist are high in demand and are loved by collectors. So, don’t lose hope and ask the gallerist about other similar or more interesting artworks he has of the artist.

Moreover, if you buy art online, you should see the featured artists section on the online art gallery or any other tab that gives you a clear idea of which artists are the one who have paintings in your budget and are popular as well among the buyers.

  • Keep all the documents carefully-

Many of the buyers who buy eye-catching art online, especially novice, throw the receipts away after the painting they ordered ships to their place. This is the biggest mistake which makes the chances of people considering your painting to be fake high.

The authentication documents like the buying or selling receipts play an important role at the time of appraising or reselling the painting you own by proving the genuineness of it.

For instance, suppose, you own a contemporary art painting made by a very famous artist and you are planning to resell the same due to whatsoever reason. When you will go to anyone for reselling he will first ask you for the documents which can support your claim of the painting being authentic and original. However, if you will not have any solid proof, you will be considered as an art forger as there are many forgers who sell famous art pieces this way.

Moreover, not only while selling but while buying the artworks too, you should ask for all the documents for verifying the authenticity.

Nonetheless, apart from the aforementioned points, you should also research about the gallery, the reseller before buying the art. Moreover, after deciding the artwork you like you should try to gain some information about the artworks of the artist and the artist. Moreover, while buying the painting, you should check its framing and the paper. The paper which is qualified as archival is considered to be the one which is chemically stable and lasts for long. Furthermore, if you are buying an old artwork, you should check the backing for any damage and the display restriction set by the artist.

Nevertheless, undoubtedly you will ace your first buy and will surely leave everyone including yourself in amazement if you will follow the pointers told in this blog.

Happy buying!

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