Secrets about Dominica That No One Knows

Dominica economic citizenship

Over 5 centuries after the Columbus was first discovered, the Director of the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ found the scenic views of the Dominica picturesque enough to visually contribute to the movie.

For sure, what could be the better place to shoot the film other than the one that has still preserved the ancient visual and keeps on fascinating the tourists, locals and the new entrants having Dominica economic citizenship? Just the over-the-surface, the below-surface world is witty enough to excite the travelers.

In fact, the exquisite scenery and mesmerizing feel of this island comes from the velvet peaks & Sponge encrusted ocean floor. Undoubtedly, this island is the land of wonders that has many secrets that people don’t even know about. So let’s discuss this further;

Nature Island

Dominica, the not-so-adolescent 5000 Years old Island, has the relative newness of the reef due to the volcanic base facilitating a huge amount of marine growth. Astonishingly but naturally, the nutrients are preserved in the shallows perhaps that’s the reason as to why the fish stocks thrive and it also evident the unusually healthy ecosystem. If you have just recently arrived to this island through Dominica economic citizenship, you must know that the reef system is dominated by crinoids, whips, sponges, sea fans and black corals.

Furthermore, The rock base surely does wonders because it gives many hiding places so that many of the creatures can live on the outside of the reefs’ boulder structure. Ironically, it’s simply mesmerizing as if nature has put together the wish list for all the divers across the world at one place.

Scott Head and the Southwest

Trust me, it’s not going to be an overstatement if you describe the southern tip of Dominica as dramatic, wild, and exciting. Many sites offer different degrees of difficulty on the same dive, reefs with pinnacles, sheer slopes, and seamounts. In fact, the sites in Soufriere Bay simply dot the rim of an ancient volcanic crater that actually goes vertically to over 1,500 feet-wall diving at its best.

Dangleben’s Pinnacles, which is one popular site in the bay, exhibits a series of seamounts beginning in the deep water and even reaches to within 30 ft. There are huge schools of fish just like horse-eye jacks and blackbar soldier fish that inhabit the deep reef and make this site simply astounding for the local divers.

Weather – Hearth throbbing at All time

Many new entrants having the Dominica economic citizenship have confirmed that they have never experienced such a great weather before at any part of this world. Dominica has actually the tropical wet climate with warm temperatures and heavy rain. Though the rain showers end quickly but it’s consistent for sure. The average daytime temperature at Dominica is usually 79 degrees in the month of January that shoots up to 90 degrees in June. When the rainforest is cooler, it brings the rains so just plane your hike to enjoy the closer scenic views of nature.


In this piece of content you will discover some astonishing secrets about Dominica. So just check out this article now.

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