Camping in Morocco

Under The Shining Shelter of Stars- Camping in Morocco


Are you the one who feels the nature? Well, there are very rare individuals who love spending time in the quiet place surrounded by nothing but nature. It’s about the chaos we all hold inside, our routines, a constant mental fatigue and no change is the one dragging us to a robotic lifestyle. All day we spend under the roof around the natural stupidity.

You might have heard about the boring life of Morocco; many travellers complain about their trips when they are unable to live up to their expectations. Let me tell you that it’s not about the country but you lack the research skills. Virikson Morocco Holidays is here to help you in planning a memorable and thrilling trip to Morocco. Before planning your trip, one should know their level of interests and the type of vacations they are looking for.

If you’re looking for some real and authentic cultural real or an adventurous tour beyond the hustle bustle of the city, you have to choose a different holiday itinerary. Yes, for history or culture experience, choose Marrakech, Fez and Tangier but if you want to explore beyond that city fun, try Desert tours.

Fall in Love with The Silent Chaos of the Desert

Deserts are the reflection of the chaos a person can hold inside. This is what I believe in, it’s hot, quiet and screams in a form of sandstorms. You see everything things needs to relocate themselves even if it is for the specific time period. These Sand dunes of the desert also relocate their positions with the passage of time. Dive into the tranquillity of the environment and you’ll fall in love with the depth of its peaceful silence.

Choose the camping tour of Morocco, spend a day playing around golden and alluring sand dunes, capture the sunset and then spend an evening or night time surrounded by the Berbers. It is the best way to explore their lifestyle and how they cope with any kind of uncertain situations that hits the desert.

Enjoy a soothing sound of the Arabian music, have your delicious meal, that depends on the itinerary you’ve chosen and what amenities are included in your package. Desert is beyond the camel and buggy riding. Feel it while lying under the shining stars and because it is away from the city, stars shine more and give a complete night look. The canopy of the stars is something worth watching, you may call it to star gazing as a cool name, I call it looking for the shine we have lost in all these years while chasing temporary happiness.

However, it’s never too late to reset your priorities of life and ditch the routine by bringing a real life or I can say open sky thrill in life. spend some time alone or make it a thrilling and exciting trip to Morocco desert.

Everyone is living but very few are really alive, you don’t have to become different, you’re born different, just avoid the race of being unique or you’ll end up same as rest of the world. Explore yourself while exploring the world. You may not find any answers but there are questions waiting for intellectual minds to think and bring it in front of the world. Desert can teach you the perfect way of exploring the inner charm of one’s personality as it makes you hear to the inner voice of your soul.


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