High-quality cigars are on the top of a smoker’s wish list. These rolled bundles are steeped in human history, with evidence of smoking for centuries. Unlike earlier, the modern tobacco industry offers an abundance of cigar choices. Despite the increasing numbers of premium cigars worldwide, Ashton is one of the most renowned premier luxury brands. 

A smoker has multiple reasons to buy Ashton cigars. Manufactured in the Dominican Republic, Ashton cigars are famous among smokers for their quality and invigorating flavors. These are handcrafted smokes made using the finest aged tobaccos. Although these cigars aren’t wallet-friendly, they give an experience that all smokers want to have at least once in their lifetime.

Initial Days of Ashton Cigars

Ashton is a family-owned brand that came into life in the mid-1980s and soon became a popular name in the tobacco industry due to its highest standards of quality and consistency. The product is the brainchild of a partnership between tobacconist Robert Levin and the Fuente family, a well-known Dominican tobacco manufacturer.   

During his initial years in the tobacco industry, Robert Levin was an importer who had a dream to produce some of the finest cigars for the world’s cigar admirers. With insightful information around the field, he partnered with the Fuente family, which was renowned for producing cigars with quality and consistency. The combination of Levin’s experience and expertise of the Fuente family gave the world Ashton cigars, which are known as expensive and high-quality cigars. 

The original Ashton came in six classic sizes: 8-9-8, Corona, Churchill, Sovereign, Panatela, and Prime Minister. After over three decades, these six premium products are an essential part of the Ashton portfolio. 

Types of Ashton Cigars to Buy

Ashton cigars are known for having complex and invigorating flavors. In 2019, the brand produces a wide range of products, each made of hand-picked quality tobacco leaves. At a reputed store, they can be chosen based on their ring gauge, length, shape, filler, strength, and wrapper.

Here are Ashton cigar shapes to buy:

  • Ashton Cabinet Belicoso
  • Ashton Cigarillos
  • Ashton Churchill
  • Ashton VSG Corona Gorda
  • Ashton Corona
  • Ashton Cabinet Pyramid
  • Ashton Magnum

The length of Ashton cigars can range from 3 ¾” to 9”. With the Dominican Republic as origin, the product comes with two fillers –  Dominican and varies. When it comes to strength, the cigars can buy Ashton cigars from mild, full, mild-medium, and medium-full options.

There are six types of Ashton cigar wrappers: 

  • Cameroon
  • Connecticut Broadleaf
  • Connecticut 
  • USA/Connecticut
  • Sun Grown
  • Ecuadorian Sun Grown

All types of Ashton cigars have Dominican Republic origin. There are different types of  cigars of the brand that can be purchased based on size, length, filler, strength, and wrapper. 

Reasons to buy Ashton Cigars

Ashton is one of the most popular cigar brands worldwide. Handcrafted products in the Dominican Republic, Ashton cigar are made of the finest aged tobaccos. They are premium cigars that come with a hefty price tag. Despite their higher cost than several other cigars, the products by Ashton are preferred by many wealthy personalities worldwide, including celebrities and government officials. 

Here are some more reasons to get and smoke Ashton cigars:    

  • Luxurious Smoke

Smokers who have been enjoying cigars for years understand the difference between an ordinary cigar and a premium product. When it comes to Ashton, they know how the brand’s cigars elevate the smoking experience. Although they are expensive products, they are worth every penny. From construction and consistency, there are several things that go in favor of Ashton to make it a product to experience luxurious smoke. 

  • Invigorating Flavors

The combination of Robert Levin’s knowledge about the tobacco industry and the Fuente family’s experience in cigar production infuses Ashton with complex and refreshing flavors. According to the company, each tobacco leaf used in the production is hand-picked by experienced individuals who have been in the industry for a long time. 

To have a personalized experience, a buyer can choose an Ashton cigar based on its length, ring gauge, strength, and shape. 

  • It’s ‘Ashton’

Launched in 1985, Ashton is one of the most popular cigar brands around the world right now. Its products make the best cigars when someone expects relaxation and rich flavor from their cigars. 

Where to Buy Ashton Cigars

Ashton cigars are luxurious products with a hefty price tag. Also, they are very rare. Smokers can either buy them from a popular cigar shop in some selected cities or move to a reputed online store. A significant reason to get the product from an online cigar store is that there are many options to choose from. Buyers can get cigars based on their choice around size, length, and other factors. 


Ashton Cigars are synonyms to quality cigars. They are expensive products that are both enjoyable and mellow. Smokers can buy them for their taste and top-quality tobacco. They are cigars that elevate the smoking experience and let smokers taste some of the best products of the tobacco industry. 

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