Is Sleeping on Your Back Dangerous During Pregnancy?

Is sleeping on your back dangerous during pregnancy

One of the many changes that happen to us when we get pregnant has to do with sleeping postures. Our body is changing and (especially in the second and third trimester) we usually have discomfort when resting.

Today Dr. Manjula Anagani – Gynaecologist in Hyderabad tells you, about a question that arises to many women: is it safe to sleep on your back during pregnancy? We invite you to know the answers below.

Different stages, different positions

If you love to sleep on your back, you can continue doing it during the first trimester. However, as the uterus grows, you will most likely feel some discomfort at bedtime.

The truth is that sleeping on your back during the middle and final phase of pregnancy can cause problems in your health, such as difficulty breathing, back pain , haemorrhoids , low blood pressure and digestive disorders. Sleeping in this position also decreases the blood supply to your heart and baby’s heart.

Why are these problems generated?

Basically the abdomen and your developing baby are resting on the intestines and the venae cava and aorta. The latter are fundamental arteries in our body because they are responsible for bringing the blood from the body to the heart. This is why sleeping on your back can also cause dizziness and confusion.

Sleeping in this position can also interfere with the normal flow of nutrients to the placenta , which becomes a serious problem if you have diabetes or high blood pressure (conditions that in themselves already affect the amount of oxygen the baby receives).

Valid alternatives

Although you are used to sleeping on your back, try during pregnancy to opt for side positions. To avoid any kind of back pain you could also add a cushion behind the spine or in front of your chest. A pillow between the legs can also help you sleep more comfortably. In case you fall asleep and at midnight wake up on your back, do not worry, this does not generate major problems for the baby. Just try to remember to reposition yourself on your side to continue sleeping.

If we used to sleep in a way before getting pregnant, it is likely that when the belly begins to notice we are in need of changing certain positions.

As you can see, sleeping on your back is totally safe during the first months, but it is not recommended in the second and third trimesters. Opt, then, for side positions that minimize the weight of the baby on the organs and help you to reconcile a deep and restful sleep.

Sleeping on your stomach

When you are farther along in your pregnancy, your abdomen undergoes physical changes and makes it more difficult for you to lay on your stomach.

Sleeping on your back

This can cause problems with backaches, breathing, the digestive system, haemorrhoids, and low blood pressure and cause a decrease in circulation to your heart and your baby. This is a result of your abdomen resting on your intestines and major blood vessels (the aorta and vena cava).

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