Smart and Effective Weight Loss Steps

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Our body works like a boiler. We introduce foods, especially fats, and turn them into energy. If these fats are not burned, it means that the combustion process does not work properly. Otherwise, it happens because the energy provided by burning the fat is not used. These accumulate in our body, in the form of fat. Here are some essential rules to fight those accumulations of unwanted fat and achieve, or maintain, a healthy weight, without necessarily having to undergo a diet.

The Indications for You

The first useful indication is not to eat too much carbohydrate in the evening. The ideal plan would be to eat them at lunch and prefer protein in the evening. In the evening the metabolism is slower. At this time the physical activity is greatly reduced and the body. Actually, it needs few calories. The digestion of carbohydrates is more difficult then. One should better have the table meat especially white meat, fish and eggs then. Along with these, taking the oral ephedrine pills happens to be a very important factor.

Choosing the Items

However, the simultaneous intake of different types of proteins should be avoided such as eggs and meat, meat and dairy products, meat and sausages as they cannot slow digestion and fatigue because of the already slow metabolism of the evening. That results in the accumulating fat in the body. Drink a lot of water. Getting more hydrated and staying hydrated throughout the day is another simple but effective secret to burn body fats faster.

Tea, a Fat Burner

One of our great fat-burning allies is green tea. According to research published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, drinking three cups of green tea a day (200-300 mg) naturally without sugar can increase the metabolism by 4%. Several studies have found that increasing the frequency of meals up to 6 small meals a day helps to stabilize the secretion of insulin. At the same time, it increases the process of thermogenesis that occurs in our body with fat burning.

Consumption Options

Consuming 6 small meals a day will also help us not to get to lunch and dinner too hungry. So do not risk introducing excess food because that would lead to the accumulation of fat. Another indication is to limit the consumption of alcohol as much as possible. Alcohol has about 9 kilocalories per gram, a much higher amount than most carbohydrates and proteins. But the damage is also due to the fact that they are so-called “empty” calories, that is, they lack nutrients. The usual consumption of alcohol, therefore, can only cause a greater accumulation of fat that is not “burned”.

About 8-9 hours of sleep per night after taking oral ephedrine pills is necessary. Indeed, scientific studies have shown that in subjects who slept less than 7 hours per night, the level of cortisol was higher in the afternoon. Cortisol is the so-called “stress hormone” which plays a fundamental role in our ability to recover energy. Reducing stress and sleeping more and more regularly every night helps to manage cortisol levels in blood and thus reduce the accumulation of fat.

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