Social Workers and Their Role in the Development of Youth and Society


The social work profession is a vast profession whose mission is to improve the quality of life of vulnerable populations. These people generally promote disadvantaged individuals by helping them for the improvement of their lives, and are likewise quick to understand the issues and problems of their lives keeping in mind the end goal to think of some life changing solutions. This profession is in demand especially in the developing countries, and is worldwide appreciated as help and support is provided to the disadvantaged people.

The Profession of Social Worker

Social Worker as a profession is for those who have a strong desire to help the people in order to make their lives happier. These workers assist some dejected people by solving the issues, which usually turn them down for instance family breakdowns and personal issues. They additionally help individuals who confront social issues, joblessness, poverty, fatal diseases, and handicaps. They offer directions and help to the deserving people in their troubles and calamities.

They also help poor and orphan children who don’t have proper homes. They help them through government funds, treatments, and education. On the other hand, they also help such parents who don’t have children, by arranging them adoptions.

How Social Workers can motivate the Youth  

  • To build up the youth or to inspire the young on community development and nation building social worker should utilize all techniques for social work.
  • Social workers should concentrate on youth improvement projects to develop country. They should understand the youth and should work on to build capacities and strengths to satisfy the individual and additionally social desire of youth.
  • Social workers additionally should work to promote the social, emotional, spiritual and mental well-being of youth. Without these, adolescent can’t work and think legitimately. Social worker should concentrate on creating open doors for youth improvement and also to express themselves.
  • As youth get less chance to take an interest in politics, planning, policy making, social worker should direct projects and activities to pressurize the authorized sector to give chance to youth.
  • To improve the potential limit of youth social worker should concentrate on practical knowledge as well as skills where they can utilize those creativity, skills, and potentialities.
  • Social worker should regard the opinion and skills of the youth. They should able to acknowledge the uniqueness of people.
  • Other than these, social worker should have the capacity to connect youth with their communities and country. They should be able to make them feel that they are needed and valuable for their own groups and country.
  • Social workers should build the confidence of the youth and should provide training on leadership to develop and enhance their leadership.

The Need of Women and Child Welfare in India

 Women and child usually are the main targets who suffer in number of ways because they are weaker, helpless, and economically dependent. Therefore there is a need of Women and Child Welfare in India.

Problems faced by Women

Dowry: This is the major issue faced by most of the women in our country. Dowry is the money that a bride brings to her husband on the day of marriage. It is sad that many women who bring few dowry are killed. It is said to the main source of many problems in India.

Female Infanticides: It is known as sex selective abortion that favors the male sex and deselects the female sex and because of this India has a low female sex ratio to that of men.

Domestic Violence: Domestic violence is extremely high because of the dowry that India has set into play.

Problems faced by Children

Under nourishment: Which implies the absence of adequate calories in food. The absence of energy and nutrients make them inclined to infectious diseases. It causes weakness and sickness moreover. Predominantly the poor ladies and children are extremely affected by it.

Malnutrition: Which means absence of particular nutrients, for example, vitamins, proteins, minerals, and so forth in the food. Pregnant ladies, feeding moms and kids are more vulnerable to malnutrition. It causes numerous evil impacts in women and children.

The number of school going kids is still a long way from satisfactory. Less than 50% reach to elementary school. Likewise a significant number of them than drop out at elementary level. The drop-out rate of young girls is significantly higher than those of the young boys.

Women and children are imperative characters of human society. The grown-up ladies are the makers of next generation, and youngsters are the expectations of future. In this manner they should be cared to most extreme degree. No doubt, their welfare is being taken care of by societies and families. In any case, this is simply not adequate. In such manner, Governments likewise devise and implement different welfare measures for them.

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