With What Should You Start Big Data Training?

Any training only makes sense when it ends with some sort of growth or closure for your career. If any training in the current times is definitely going to take you one step up in your career that is big data training. Now, big data is like an umbrella term that takes a whole plethora of different tools and technologies under it wings. The common factor that ties them all together is that they principally deal with data – its collection, storage, and analysis. There are certain big data tools that have served for years and currently losing their currency and there are tools which are just growing in popularity. Let us take a look at a few tools that can really give your career great mileage.

The first tool that comes into mind when you think about big data is Hadoop. Actually people often give Hadoop too much credit for its analytical advantages. But in reality the cause of its popularity is not so much for its analytical strength as for its storage capacity. We often hear that Hadoop is synonymous to big data. Actually Hadoop has played a ground breaking role in the big data infrastructure. Hadoop Distributed File System or HDFS has solved the disturbing problem of data storage space. The idea of shared data storage and cloud storage has now made it possible to store a lot more data without going bankrupt. Gaining Hadoop skills is one of the most prominent goals that students seek while getting big data training. Of course there is much more to it than Hadoop.

Another thing that you should be looking forward to learn is a programming language that works exceptionally well for big data analysis. R is a good choice and so are Python and SAS. You can choose one or more languages based on your liking. Keep one thing in mind that you should definitely have the knowledge of the language that is chiefly being used by the industry you are getting into. Al though, if you are a beginner, Python is a very good tool to start with and as you grow your skills on it you can pull some really awesome stuff off with this famous language. Python is popular for its simplicity and enhanced applicability in a wide range of fields. SAS is abundantly used by the larger organizations and SAS training can surely hone your chances of commanding a higher salary.

The most important thing about big data analytics training is the fact that your training should never end. It is a field based on innovation and fluidity. You cannot stick to a single tool or technology. You never know what gets automated and when. So, keep learning. Keep finding new opportunities, for places with better exposure. The first couple of years can be a little rough for a big data expert. If you are through the initial phase and if you have been diligent about educating yourself, you have ascertained a long run for yourself.

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