Start-ups and Co-working: A cooperative set-up


India has a whopping GDP of nearly 3 trillion dollars, this makes it the sixth largest economy in the world, and considering the fact that it is a developing country makes this an even more impressive feat. This all thanks to a very working set of people, who number in the millions.

Being the second biggest nation in the world, in terms of population is very helpful and plays an important role in making India such a huge economy. This lucrative market is what every tech giant and major companies in the world looks to capitalize on. Another distinct advantage that India has is that the majority of the workforce available is skilled and they are available for a far cheaper cost than that of any country. This low cost and skilled labor are attributed to the per capita income in India being relatively very less as compared to that of developed countries. This makes it an extremely interesting proposition for big conglomerates.

A majority of college graduates do end up working for these companies, who hire people in the thousands annually. However, the start-up generation of India is not far behind. Cities like Delhi and Mumbai play host to thousands of start-ups, and with many more on the way. India is a place booming with ideas and concepts which are worth millions. One can see a change coming, from going and working for big companies to bring their own boss and making a challenging idea work.

Innovation and ingenuity is encouraged in India, by both the government and private companies. Start-ups require a lot of things, such as a competent network or people to work with, convenient office spaces and good funding. Office spaces are something which they rarely worry about, as they can easily manage work from their homes. But for more intensive and dedicated work they need spaces that suit their needs and demands. Sharing spaces and co-working is a very bright solution that has helped start-ups focus on their businesses; without really dividing unnecessary attention to finding suitable workplaces.

Co-working is a new concept that is essentially working with other smaller companies and how two companies can work in a similar environment, even though both the companies may have completely different ideas and work ethic. Places in Delhi like Gurgaon and Noida have many such setups, which encourage working together to share resources and learn from one another. Depending on the needs and demands of the company, they can look for co-working offices and even private cabin for start-ups in Gurgaon attached to a co-working space. This arrangement helps companies conduct meetings and negotiate deals all the while working in a shared space.

There are offices which lie in SEZs and other areas of Gurgaon and Noida which are very easy on the pockets and come with proper amenities and features. Some furnished workspaces also offer shared or co-working options. All one needs to do is Google search private cabin co-working space in Gurgaon to find all the relevant results, and then select one in accordance with the budget and requirements of the company.

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