Diamond Jewellery

Story of Diamonds and Diamond Jewellery


We all have heard the slogan ‘ a diamond is forever’ and also know that it’s one of the most precious elements on Earth. There would be obviously one question that what makes a diamond so unique and valuable in the family of gemstones?

A simple line like ‘a diamond is forever’ aimed at the right target market and quickly reached the goal of selling large quantities of diamonds.

We know that all the gemstones has some or the other charm or energy associated with it since ancient times be it protection, healing, power, love etc. Let us discuss everything about diamond now.

What is so special about a diamond?

The very first clue which we get of the power of a diamond is in it’s name, which means unbreakable in greek. The hardness is due to the scientific property of strong bonding between the atoms.

The diamonds these days are both naturally and synthetically made. It is interesting to note that natural diamonds are quite old and carry very powerful energy indeed.

Where does the diamond come from?

Almost half of the diamonds in the market come from diamond mines in Africa, with other half being in Russia, Australia, Canada, Brazil and India.

The worldwide name – ethical diamonds does not only mean that diamonds are obtained from war free zones but it also means that diamonds are obtained from environment responsible sources.

Specific Properties of a diamond:

A diamond has many properties. Let us look at some of them.

Strength –

Diamonds are considered the hardest natural material on Earth as they resist breakage from any forces and it’s practically impossible to scratch them. They are very stable also as they do not react to most chemical ingredients. Ofcourse the strength of a diamond constitutes for the brilliance it has.

Protection –

As diamonds are excellent electrical insulators, therefore throughout the centuries wearing a diamond was considered to protect from evil’s eye or negative energy attacking from outside.

As we humans too have a magnetic field associated with ourselves, diamond can protect from any unwanted and negative vibes.

Purity –

Due to a diamond’s structural integrity, it rarely has any major intrusions that can change or lower its value. When specific impurities or foreign substances are present, very often it increases the price of the diamond. The example of such diamonds are coloured diamonds which is resulted due to chemical or impurity present in the diamond.

Obviously there many other properties of a diamond which are not mentioned here like ability of it to make one invincible etc.

Best way to wear diamonds:

As with any jewellery, especially when these gemstones are to be considered, budget comes at first place. The second criteria is to define the way you want to benefit from the diamond.

The most popular way to wear a diamond is a ring as diamonds take the daily wear and tear and you can benefit from the energy of your diamonds.

Diamond necklaces and earrings also are very attractive and beautiful but make sure you decide for 4C’s – cut, colour, clarity and carat. This will make you do a perfect choice.

So in a nutshell, the above given summarizes the points to be noted while going for purchasing diamond jewellery and it was something basic which you should know about a diamond.  

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