Strengthen Your Weak Muscles by a Muscle Stimulator


The physiotherapy is a branch of medical science that helps the human body to have right movement of various parts of the body. In case there is any problem there are some devices and exercises by the experts that can make the movement of the body parts back to normal. However, these exercises and devices must be used by experts only or under the supervision of a qualified physiotherapist only. Among the devices that are used by the experts, one is muscle stimulator.

The device: Muscle stimulator

Electrical or electronic muscle stimulator (EMS) helps to strengthen your weak muscles. Several theories have been put forth to explain how it helps to strengthen the muscles.

As you maximally contract your muscle, the possible reason given is that at the best only 30% of your muscle contract. The other 70% that are remaining are dormant and waiting to be engaged as the contracting fibers fatigue. By stimulating the resting muscle fibers electrically, you can increase or improve their strength. When your V muscles are weak, and you are unable to perform normal anti-gravity exercises, clinically EMS seems effective.

The other reason for the potential workability of EMS is through improving the recruitment of nerve conduction rates. Your brain takes approximately 10000 repetitions to learn to send off a message to muscle through fastest nerve pathways. This type of muscle contraction pattern forms “memory engram.” As often you use your muscle your body finds the quickest way to engage that muscle. To enhance this learning process, EMS potentially helps you with repeated contractions. To get better and safe results, you should seek the advice of trained physiotherapist who will train you how to use Electrical Muscle Stimulator.

Something about Tens machine:

A neuromuscular electrical stimulator is a Compex. It is concerned with the stimulation of skeletal muscles and nerves. Only motor neurons are stimulated by the Compex. The motor neurons will either stimulate skeletal muscle fibers or innervate them. By it, contraction of the muscles will be caused, and the contractions can be rapid and quick, contractions with pauses in between or the contractions that last for seconds at a time. These varied contraction types result in improved strength, recovery, and warming up.

Working of Tens machine:

On the skeletal muscle that is to be stimulated are placed pads at the each end on the skin. You find four channels that have lead wires. Two pads are connected to each wire and from one pad to next runs very small amount of current, and the circuit is completed by using the muscle tissue as a conduit. At specific frequencies (Hz) the current runs and pulse durations (microseconds). Within this circuit, all the motor neurons found are activated or stimulated. All the muscle fibers that are innervated by the motor neurons contract then. All these processes are done with the assistance of muscle stimulator machine.

You can change the frequency in relation to the kind of muscle fibers to be stimulated. Three kinds of motor neuron-muscle fibers are stimulated by three ranges of frequencies.

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