Styling Your Hair Using A Curling Iron: Things You Need To Know

Styling Your Hair Using A Curling Iron

If we are honest enough we’ll admit that none of us want to go around looking plain and unattractive. One of the best ways to transform your appearance is by opting for different hairstyles that could make you look attractive and beautiful.

A curling iron or wand can add bouncy waves that look natural or springy curls to your hair and this could transform your entire look. Unless you have a good understanding of curling irons and how to use it, the task of curling your hair could end up being messy and disastrous. What are some of the important things you need to remember while using a curling iron?

The right type of curling iron with the correct size

There are different types of curling irons and wands available in the market. You can get different kinds of curls and waves depending on the kind of curling iron that you use. A curling iron with a smaller barrel helps in creating tight curls that looks vintage whereas when the size of the barrel increases you get curls that are much softer and your hair looks thick and bulky. By using a curling iron for thick hair you can create beach waves where the curls are large toward the roots and much tighter as you move towards the tip of your hair.

Hair should be dry

Using a heated curling iron on damp hair could result in split ends. Make sure that your hair is completely dry before using a curling iron or wand on your hair.

The right temperature

Different hairstyles call for different amounts of heat. The best option would be to buy a curling iron where you can control the temperature of heat. Too much of heat could damage your hair and in extreme cases, your hair could even burn up. Make sure that you have set the right temperature before curling your hair. On the other hand, if the temperature is too low you wouldn’t get the desired results and your hair has a higher chance of being frizzy.

Don’t forget to use a heat protectant

Using a heat protectant before curling your hair prevents the keratin on your hair from being damaged and helps in retaining moisture inside the strands of hair. Make sure that all the strands of your hair get evenly coated with the heat protectant while you spray it on. Dividing your hair into different sections helps you do it correctly.

Hair partition and curling in different directions

Depending on the kind of curls or waves that you are looking for you need to divide your hair into vertical or horizontal sections. The results would also vary depending on the direction in which you choose to curl your hair. Avoid curling the entire hair in a single direction.

Make sure that you use a hairspray after curling your hair to hold those curls in place. Don’t forget to clean your curling wand or iron regularly. Now that you know how to do it go ahead and add those lovely curls to your hair.

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