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The banking sector is considered as a fast growing sector that gives various opportunities to everyone, it is considered as the second fast growing filed after IT.  Because of its high demand students are very much curious to make their career in banking sector. It is one of the popular files in the area of commerce and accounts. There are many different career option in banking for the candidates includes they can go in “Finance”, “Accounts”, “Administrator” and much more. Anyone can achieve success easily by doing work in banks. There are so many private and Government banks in India such as HDFC bank, State Bank of India, SBI, ICICI Bank careers which offer a better future development to candidates.

If you are serious to make your career in banking sector then it is very necessary to prepare for competitive exams. Because every bank use exam criteria to choose the best candidates, either for private banks either for government banks you need to prepare for both accordingly. You must have analytic skills and good communication skills. This is the first step to make your future in banking. Also, you must have some those management skills to handle all the works in banks. They provide many facilities to their employees as well as pay scale of bankers are very high. With all these advantages another advantage is that anyone can go in this filed science student, art student, commerce student. Some of the companies hire the candidates with bachelor degree while some companies demand MBA candidates.

Different Types of Designation in Banking Sector

Accountants: Demand for the accounts is very high for getting the position of accountant make your mathematical skills strong and also do a course of tally and advance tally that is very necessary for this job role. It is known as one of the most well-known positions; accountants analyze, plan and evaluate business expenses and income.

Financial Manager: They are responsible for handling the budget, financial account, Manage organization profit and losses. They supervise or trained their junior financial analyst. Salary package of managers is very high.

Insurance: They handle all the work related to insurance either home insurance, life insurance, health insurance etc. they also guide people about benefits of insurance policies. They perform the target based work. An insurance agent giving some financial advisory services and customer support to their client.

Probationary Officer: This officer handles complaints of customers, another issue of banks they also handle managerial tasks and much more. A bank PO issue ATM cards, Cheque books, Demand Draft and manage loan related documents.  Candidate needs to clear IBPS entrance or specific bank exams etc.

Auditors: The auditors in banking sectors play very crucial roles in the ongoing maintenance and risk management such as detecting frauds, errors, and reducing the bank operational losses. Low-level auditors who have no accounting experience can firstly work as a teller and after that as an auditor.

Getting a job in banking is a dream for many people; it is the time to make your dream come true. Get various job positions in banks like a relational manager, Deputy Officer, Branch Manager, Accountant and many others. There are many job portals available which provide the jobs opportunity for job seekers.

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