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Surprise Your Kids with Yummy and Delicious Do nut Cakes:


Donuts is the form of dessert food. It has a unique shape that is a concentric circle, ring shaped whose outer area has thicken with fried dough. These donuts if prepared in a giant form can convert into giant donuts cakes.

Yummy donuts or donuts cakes can be prepared with flour, eggs, bread, shortening, milk, oil, sugar and natural flavors. Donuts cakes can be raised by adding baking powder to make a doughnut soft and spongy. We can also add various toppings, icings, flavors and other sweeteners to make a donuts cake extraordinarily delicious. Order cake in Ajmer, Ajmer bakers mainly provide luscious doughnut cakes. There are various types of donuts cakes offered in Ajmer.

send cake to Ajmer

Various types of donuts cakes:

Following types of donuts cakes are offered in Ajmer

  • Marble Frosted Donuts Cake:

Chocolaty and creamy marble frosted donuts delight number of people by its yummy taste. It is usually most liked donuts of all.  A soft buttery marble doughnut cake includes very tasty ingredients like swirl of chocolates, vanilla glaze, cream, cocoa powder, chocolate sauce and other mouth watering flavors for more and more juicy taste.

  • Blueberry donuts Cakes:

Little ring shaped blueberry donuts are made with sweetened dough, vanilla extract, sweet blueberries, tasty blueberry flavor, butter, egg yolk, baking powder and buttermilk. These donuts are decorated with flavorful icings, frostings, toppings, nutty chocolates and many other components.

  • Strawberry frosted donuts Cakes:

Appetizing strawberry doughnut cake can excite strawberry lovers. As these donuts cakes are very enjoyable. They mainly contain some typical ingredients such as bread, strawberry syrup, flour, sugar, water and eggs. Some sweeteners are also added to make the strawberry donuts more succulent.

  • Apple Crumb Donuts Cakes

 Apple crumb donuts cakes are extremely thrilling and delightful. These are actually very fruity in taste. As it contains most amazing apple fruit to prepare. Many bakers add sweeteners like nuts, dried fruits, small nutty chocolates, jellies and creams to add fruit punch to apple do nut cakes

  • Jelly Donut Cakes:

Almost each one of us is crazy about jelly doughnuts. Jelly donuts cakes are full of fruits and jelly. These light donut cakes are usually made with the mixture of beaten eggs, fresh cake yeast, unsalted butter and vegetable oil. Mainly cinnamon is added to make jelly donuts spongy and softer.

  • Chocolate Cream Filled Doughnut Cakes:

These creamy and juicy chocolate do nut cakes are usually liked by chocolate lovers. The taste of chocolate kermes filled donuts is extremely amazing and delightful. It contains chocolates, chocolate syrup, chocolate creams and other toothsome ingredients. Normally these doughnuts are decorated and garnished with chocolate flavored icings and small nutty chocolates.

  • Vanilla Frosted Donuts Cakes:

Yummy vanilla frosted donuts are in good taste of each one of us. It is mainly prepared with the combination of various flavors of ice creams. It is added with many flavored sweeteners in to make them even tastier. So, none can resist themselves to taste vanilla doughnut cakes.

  • Boston Creme Pie donuts Cakes

Boston pie donuts cakes are very tempting. These donuts make people super excited. As Boston pie donuts cakes are round in shape, they look extremely wonderful. They are good to see and mouthwatering to eat.

Ajmer bakeries are known for its service. They accept the donuts or cake back if any sort of damage or foul smell is suspected in the product. You can send cake to Ajmer; bakers will redeliver you with freshly baked donuts cakes.

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