gst tax slab

GST Tax Slab India – Car Prices at Pre-GST Levels Post Cess Hike!

It’s not easy to implement a thing that can impact every walk of life. And, it is proving just that in the case of Goods and Services Tax (GST). Though the implementation of GST is more than a 2-month old story, officials are yet to find the right rates to eliminate the tax anomalies. As […]

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gst benefits

Take a Look on GST Benefits in India’s Overall Economy

Today a large portion of our income goes towards paying taxes. However, we don’t know ourselves even how many taxes we have been paying so far. Overall we pay 20 types of taxes in India starting from product manufacturing to consumption, putting a tax burden of 30-35% each year. In general, we pay hoards of […]

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Plan your Household Budget Under the Norms of GST Rate in India

Hardly few weeks left, until Goods and Services Tax(GST) is all set to get announced. India’s biggest tax revamp had undergone its final hurdle when GST Council gave its consent to tax gold and jewellery at 3 per cent tax rate. With GST Tax Rates to become effective from July 1, it’s best to check […]

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