Take care of your long hair

Take care of your long hair

Maintaining healthy hair these days have become a difficult job as there is a lot of pollutions these days. On top of that maintaining a long hair becomes even more difficult because they need proper attention. No wonder, they look wonderful but one has to put up a bit of a hard work into it.

Yes, it is true that long hair is more prone to damage but one has to be very careful about this. There are certain beauty tips in Hindi for long hair which one has to follow in order to maintain a healthy hair.

Here are some basic things that one needs to follow when it comes to maintaining long and beautiful hair.

• The first thing that you need to stop is to use too much of hair products. It does not matter whether you have a long or a short hair using too much of hair products can seriously damage your hair. It can further make your hair look lifeless. One has to strictly avoid those products which has silicone in it. They primarily make your hair look shinier but actually it damages the hair by drying it out.

• Always go for a good hair brush. A good quality hair brush is worth buying. You can buy those brushes which has natural bristle brushes which have round shaped bristles which are very firm. They are very gentle to the hair and do not pull too much of hair. Also one can use some wide toothed combs which can easily untangle your hair without tearing them apart.

• Let your hair dry naturally. If you expose your hair to too much heat then it can damage your hair. But if you have long hair, then you might need to dry up your hair with an artificial dryer. This makes the job quicker for sure but too much of dry heat can damage the roots of your hair. The best way to dry your hair is to pat the hair well with your towel and let natural hair do the rest.

• Do try to trim you hair at a regular interval. If you think that cutting your hair will not let your hair grow faster, then you are completely mistaken. If you trim at least once every two months then your long hair will look tidy and neat. You will get rid of your split ends and this will maintain good health of your hair as well.

• Do not tie your hair very tightly. Tight buns or pony tails can severely damage the roots of your hair. The best way to keep your long hair healthy is to let it down by using a simple hair band. If you want to tie it, then make it a loose bun.

• Do not use hair products which do not match your hair type. Choose your shampoo and conditioner very wisely. It has to be compatible with your hair type.

Tips for beautiful hair in Hindi can be found in beauty magazines and hair related articles.

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