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Want to explore the shopping experience online which brings the gamut of emotions like happiness, caring, ownership and much more. But remember, for instant purchases you need to have your own credit card and Amex Credit Card is one such credit card which brings you the finest range of experiences to cherish online such as shopping, dining and travel privileges. Rejoice upon the benefits, Amex Card delivers to its customers which encompasses membership rewards, lifetime benefits, cashback offers, rebates, festive deals and much more.

Adore owning one such Amex Credit Card which matches your varied needs, taste and spending habits in order to perfectly fit with your lifestyle.

Amex Credit Card Eligibility

Furnish all the following eligibility criteria in order to avail your Amex Credit Card

  1. Your age should be over 18 years.
  2. You should hold a good credit history record with no likelihood of defaults.
  3. As a self-employed applicant, you are required to produce an evidence describing your company’s active operations for atleast 18 months(or 12 months, if you are an already existing member of American Express Credit Card).

Types of Amex Cards

Choose your own American Express Credit Card from among the diverse range of credit cards available on the portal of American Express Bank. They are classified as follows:

  • The American Express Platinum Card
  • The American Express Gold Card
  • The American Express Platinum Reserve Credit Card
  • The American Express Platinum Credit Card
  • The American Express Platinum Travel Credit Card
  • The American Express Make My Trip Credit Card
  • The American Express Membership Rewards Credit Card

Amex Credit Card Login

Whether you wish to transact your number of purchases online or settle your bills or wish to have an overview of your credit card statement, you need to create a log-in account so as to undertake all these activities on a common online platform. In this digital era, this is one of the fastest, convenient and paperless transactions which you can do on an instant basis from any corner of the world and at any time.

Amex Credit Card Bill Payment

Want to settle your household payments at the earliest? Simply log-in to your American Express Credit Card account and furnish your Credit card details such as your 15-digit American Express Card number and payment amount. Choose your bank in order to proceed your payment. Once you make confirmation of your payment, you will further be navigated to a message which shows you that your online payment has been successfully received.

Amex Credit Card Statement

Amex credit card statement is a summarized overview of every billing cycle of a customer which consists of the list of transactions carried out on every cycle(time period) and the amount required to be paid to the bank for settling down the credit card debt. The statement is dispatched every month at the customer’s email id free of cost.

Amex Credit Card Statement consists the following record as under:

Last Statement Balance: This feature prescribed on your Amex Credit Card statement highlights you how much amount is outstanding on your Account on the last day of your Statement period.

Recent Credits: This feature indicates you any payments and credits which get totalled on your Account since the last day of your most recent Statement.

Recent Debits: This feature shows the total amount rendered on all your purchases since your most recent Statement. It does not contain interest charges or fees.

Current Balance: This feature reflects your last Statement balance minus any up-to-date payments and credits that have been obtained along with any charges that have been levied on your Account since the last day of your most recent Statement period. One should note that the payments shouldn’t consist of any disputed items, suspense amounts, purchase returns or loan balances.

Payment Due: Payments due section indicates you how much you need to pay by the date specified. It is dependent on the amount outstanding on your last Statement excluding those payments or credit applicable on your Account since the last day of your most recent Statement. One should remember, those payments should not include disputed items, amounts in suspense, purchase returns or loan balances.

Statement Opening Balance: Identical to your Last Statement Balance, the statement of opening balance shows how much was outstanding on your Card at the beginning of your Statement period consisting of the charges after your payments and credits have been settled off.

Amex Credit Card Customer Care

Do you wish to apply from a range of American Express Credit Cards? Contact your experienced customer care representative on for having a card for all your needs. Listing out the phone numbers for all the credit cards:  American Express Platinum Credit Card: 1800 419 1255/1800 180 1255/91-124-2801444/91-124-4650244

American Express Gold Card: 1800 419 1120/91-124-2801111

American Express Gold Credit Card: 1800 419 2122 / 91-124-2801122

American Express Platinum Travel Credit Card: 1800 419 2122/0124-2801122

American Express Make My Trip Credit Card: 1800 419 0691/0124-2801002
American Express Membership Rewards Credit Card: 0124-280 1418/1800 419 0167

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