Taste the Plethora of Bhopal through five top Tourist Spots


Bhopal, the capital city of Madhya Pradesh in the central zone of India, offers amazing excitement and memorable travel trips to the visitors. The great history of along with the natural beauty brings together all the elements that a traveller can imagine experiencing during the journey. From the rich architecture to the mesmerizing lakes, Bhopal makes your tour a lifetime experience.

While the 4 star hotel in Bhopal  is there to make your stay comfortable, here are top 5 tourist spots you shouldn’t miss when you are there. 

  1. Bhimbetka

Known as a world heritage site, Bhimbetka is located at around 46 km distance from Bhopal. These are the caves found in 1957 to 58. The caves are full of ancient rock paintings that are more than 15000 years old. The beauty of the historic age, the lifestyle of the people become visible when you see these paintings. If you want to feel the excitement of time traveling, these paintings can help you do that. 

  1. Upper Lake

Since the 11th century, the Upper Lake has been offering beautiful and adventurous memories to the locals as well as the travellers. The Upper Lake is the biggest lake in the whole state and is located at the heart of the city. This is the reason why many locals love to enjoy their evenings there. However, there are multiple other activities you can indulge in. The boating is very popular and you can choose rowing boats, paddle boats and even speed boats for your enjoyment. 

  1. National Museum of Mankind

Established in 1985, the National Museum of Mankind is situated in the Shyamala Hills. This anthropological museum is designed to offer a complete journey of the revolution of mankind. The museum holds the cultural stories about multiple tribes. The life-size presentation and the belongings of the tribes make the display highly exciting. No one should miss spending some time here. 

  1. Van Vihar National Park

The famous Van Vihar National Park offers a home for multiple species of birds and animals. More than 200 species of birds can be found here. The wild animals such as tigers, lion, leopard, sambar, chital and many others find their home here. The beauty of the Shyamala Hills and the Upper Lake make the park much more beautiful for the tourists and safe for the wild animals. 

  1. State Museum of Madhya Pradesh

The modern architecture of the State Museum of Madhya Pradesh lures thousands of tourists. There are sixteen theme galleries that showcase the fossils, manuscripts, sculptures, coins and other interesting items showcasing the history as well as the present India. Spending some time in the museum will offer you some exciting stories and the knowledge on multiple aspects of the history.

Finally, you have a complete list to cover the most exciting places in Bhopal. Now, all you need to do is make your online hotel booking in Bhopal and start packing.

Hopefully, this blog helped you prepare your tour in Bhopal. Make sure you make all the arrangements in advance for a comfortable stay.

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