Is Tata Hexa Price in India Affordable to You? Find Out Here

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Tata Hexa, a renowned brand of the home grown automaker Tata Motors, has released various diesel variants to cater into the taste of those wanting to drive a stylish car. The models are studded with impactful interiors and exteriors. The soothing design and comfortable seating make for a pleasant trip around the city. To chill out and experience those funny moments while driving the car in the company of your family and friends, It is imperative you pay off the price tag that the Hexa models come with.

The price can be paid over the years via a car loan. So don’t worry, pick any of the Tata Hexa models that you would feel good to drive, yet having a keen eye on the price, the interest rate, the EMI applicable, etc. So, what is the Tata Hexa Price in India? To know that, you can take this article as a guide and make a dash to the showroom to pick your favourite Hexa model.


The XE model is launched at an ex-showroom price of 10.96 lakhs and its on-road price stands at 13.53 lakhs. You can expect a loan of 11.50-12.17 lakhs to come your way. On the given loan amount, be ready to spare 18,000-21,000 for the payment of EMI each month.


The diesel-powered vehicle comes at an ex-showroom price and on-road price of 13.91 lakhs and 17.12 lakhs, respectively. How much loan expected? Well, it can be around 14.55-15.50 lakhs. If it stays true to your case, a monthly installment of 23,000-27,000 is likely to be a permanent fixture of your monthly expenses until the expiry of The 7-year loan tenure.


The XM model, powered by a diesel engine, can be available at an ex-showroom price and on-road price of 12.81 lakhs and 15.79 lakhs, respectively. If you apply for a car loan to buy this stylish model, the concerned lender can disburse around 13.40-14.20 lakhs, keeping the EMI to 21,000-25,000.


The ex-showroom price of this Hexa model stands at an approximate cost of 15 lakhs. The on-road price with some addition to the ex-showroom gives a figure of 18.50 lakhs. The quantum of finance for the model in question can be 15.70-16.60 lakhs. With regards to the installment, you have an obligation to pay off 25,000-30,000 on a monthly basis over the loan tenure.


When it comes to the XTA model, the automaker has set a price of around 16.13 lakhs while buying it at a showroom near you. With RTO, insurance and others, the cost of the vehicle on the road can be anywhere around 19.80 lakhs. If all goes well with your income and repayment potential, you can get a loan of 16.80-17.80 lakhs. On the loan amount, an EMI repayment liability of around 27,000-31,500 will arise.


If you go to the showroom to buy this model, a price of around 16.25 lakhs will be quoted by the dealer. Subsequent to paying RTO, insurance and accessory charges, the on-road cost of the car can go up to 20 lakhs. On this, a loan amount worth ₹16.90-17.90 lakhs can be disbursed. With that, your monthly installment liability could be 27,000-32,000.

Note-The calculation of the loan amount is made on 85%-90% of the on-road price of the vehicles. The EMI calculation is based on the interest rate of 8.75%-12% per annum, which is applicable at the moment. The loan amount disbursal and the interest rate can differ from individuals to individuals based on the credit score, income and repayment potential.

Who Will Have Fun Driving Tata Hexa Models?

Anyone with a monthly income of 50,000 and above would experience a thrilling ride with the Tata Hexa versions, based on the price of the vehicles and the interest rate scenario that’s existing at the moment.

Now that you know the answer to your question of Tata Hexa Price in India, you can choose a model from the lot, which would be a fit to your income and repayment capability.

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