SEO(Search Engine Optimization) is the backbone of the modern web world.  Basically, seo service in india helps you to improve searching the relative keywords.

About SEO

If you talk about giant search engine Google, The world’s best e-commerce websites Amazon, Flipkart, Yahoo! etc are using and exploring SEO.

But why?

For better goal achievement, branding, important for website speed, help you to gain followers on social media (through social media marketing), improves your business qualitative and quantitative level, blogging, brand awareness, etc.

Benefits of SEO

  1. User expertise and a better experience

When you’re randomly searching in a Google about anything, for example, the particular photos, videos, audios, files, etc. How you are able to find it, guess? Yes through SEO. Yeah! It’s right you can find your keywords without SEO, but for a better experience, accurate searching, desirable result the SEO is important.

  1. Ranking your website

Why is ranking important? If your website or blogs is ranking in the top ten positions it’s getting more chances to more clicks ratio, more clicks more possibilities to engage with the audience more engaging more business opportunities but remember that the “more” factor is fully connected to the SEO.

  1. Cost optimization

Most of the time website owners use advertising for more impressions for more clicks. It takes more money, more time to examine campaigns. Sometimes, it could be worthless but if your SEO is working properly, your website automatically comes top of the search and you don’t need to spend money at all.

  1. Increase the target audience (YouTube)

From my own experience, I used to struggle with my YouTube channel because I had no audience literally not at all but after learning SEO I started to learn how to target the particular audience it improves reach, and yes I got more views more subscribers.

  1. Search ranking

If you have a business, farm, shops, etc. the best way to increase your business is making a website, is that enough? Not at all. We live in a competitive world so you have to be more strategic and search engine optimization provides you with a better search ranking. Better search meaning means more reach; more reach means more audience and yes it can be more beneficial for your business.

SEO also results in higher conversion rates-

If you have a website and want to reach out among peo

ple, so here is the magic. The name is SEO. This is not rocket science anyone can learn just it will take a few days or for basics a few hours.

Maintaining your rankings consistently at the top position helps your brand, channel, projects; to reach to their target customers and hence results in the promotion of your work. The customers visiting your channel or website if they like your work and also due to the top results impact it could be a major reason for that customer to close that deal with you or to be your subscriber.

To keep your website or channel in the top results also creates a positive impact on your viewers or customers and hence results in more promotions and acknowledgment for your work.

Olivia Wilson is a digital nomad and founder of Todays Past. She travels the world while freelancing & blogging. She has over 5 years of experience in the field with multiple awards. She enjoys pie, as should all right-thinking people.

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