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Bhopal is a majestic city and it is the capital of Madhya Pradesh. Apart from being the city of lakes, Bhopal is one of the greenest cities in the country. Whether you talk about old Bhopal or the new areas of this city, there is so much of variety in terms of tourist destinations.

You can even get rooms in luxury hotels in Bhopal for your stay.  While you are in this city, don’t forget to visit its exciting spiritual destinations.  Have a look at Temples & mosques in Bhopal.

Bhojpur Temple

This old Bhojpur Temple is also known as Bhojeshwar Temple.  It was built in eleventh century AD during rule of Raja Bhoj. The temple is devoted to God Shiva. It is located in the middle of an archeologically significant site of Bhojpur.  The heavenly importance of this ancient temple is such that it is referred to as Somnath of the East’.  The Shivlinga at this shrine is the biggest stone structure in the world and it has beautifully been carved from a solo rock


Taj-ul-Masajid is located on shores of pious MotiaTalaab. The mosque is amongst one of the main attractions in city and an important site of heavenly tourism for Muslims. Not only Muslims but folks belonging to other religions too pay a visit here from far off corners of world. The mosque can encompass nearly 175,000 people at a time. Perhaps, it is the reason that this mosque is among the largest masjids of India. The entrance gateway of this beautiful mosque is adorned with ancient motifs that date back to mid-13th century from Syrian mosques. It was an input by Emir of Kuwait in affectionate reminiscence of his dead begum. The beautiful site of this mosque leaves the visitors mesmerised and charmed.

The building of this Mosque was started during period of Mughal Emperor Bahadur Shah. It has a pink facade covered with two eighteen storey high octagonal minarets coupled with marble domes. This Mosque also has three superb bulbous domes an attractive main hallway coupled with stunning pillars and beautiful marble flooring.

Lakshmi Narayan Temple

Lakshmi Narayan temple is also known as Birla Mandir. It is one of the eighteen temples built across India by the famous Birla family.  The temple is embellished with sandy yellowish lookout and placed at top of Arera Hills.  It provides a breath-taking site of surroundings areas and lakes.  Moreover the widespread lawns spread with beautiful fountains and beds of multi-coloured flowers encircle the magnificent structure.  It gives it a gorgeous appeal and tranquil atmosphere.  Visitors can easily grab beauty and tranquillity from site of this beautiful temple.

Thus, these were a few of the spiritual places of Bhopal. You just check out Bhopal resort for your lavish stayand lead a mesmeric trip in this city. You will definitely have a great time in this city. After all, the mosques and temples here are not just spiritual but artistically rich too. You will surely get to learn so much about the ancient panache!

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