Testosterone Is a Vital Hormone in Both the Sexes

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Testosterone is identified as a natural hormone which is manufactured in a man’s testes. This hormone is also regarded as a chemical messenger responsible for the growth of male sexual features. In fact, females too produce this hormone but generally in little quantities in their adrenal system and ovaries. When this hormone isn’t present in sufficient quantities in a male, they are referred to as infertile as for the developmentof sperms this hormone is largely required. This process is also known as spermatogenesis. Besides, producing sperms, this hormone is required for the various functioning of the body like bone mass, sex drive, fat distribution, production of red blood cells and muscle strength and size.

Low testosterone is called hypogonadism and this disease is often classified as either primary or secondary. Any medication situation or condition can donate to the shortage of this hormone and the medical reasons of primary hypogonadism include infection, obesity, hemochromatosis, liver or kidney disease, a disorder of the hypothalamus or the pituitary gland or HIV or AIDS.The injections are often used by boys and men as the hormone replacement treatment. Even women use these injections for treating problems like breast cancer which has spread to different parts of their bodies. However, it is important to remember that the injections do not enhance athletic performance so they ought not to be taken for that reason.

Normal ranges of this hormone

The levels of this hormone vary according to the patient’s age. Even the time of checking the blood levels do play an important role in determining the levels. However, according to many medical organizations, there is a general range for adult males and adolescents. Based on a person’s age the following information has been found:

  • 0-5 months – 75-400ng/decilitre
  • 6 months-9 years – lesser than seven-20
  • 10-11 years – lesser than seven-130
  • 12-13 years – lesser than 7-800
  • 14 years – lesser than 7-1200
  • 15-16 years – 100-1200
  • 17-18 years – 300-1200
  • 19 years+ – 242-950
  • An average grown-up male – 270-1070

The process of injecting the injections

This hormone is generally injected intramuscularly and the injections are generally given each 2-4 weeks. However, you are always advised not to misuse this hormone as this may lead to hazardous or irreversible effects, like small testicles, heart attack, liver disease, addiction, bone growth problems, enlarged breasts, infertility, stroke or mental effects like violence and aggression. The injections should be administered by a healthcare professional and the stretch of this treatment depends on the patients’ condition being treated. When you are taking the injections you will be required to give regular blood tests.

Factors affecting the levels of testosterone

When you have been identified with low levels of this hormone, your physician will check your hypothalamus and pituitary gland functioning.These glands primarily send signals either to increase or decrease the production in the male testes. Additionally, your physician would consider factors like age, lifestyle and of course, your weight for determining a possible cause. Sometimes, consumption of alcohol is also responsible for decreased hormonal production besides aging processes. The hormone replacement treatment includes gels, lotions, creams, non-prescription enhancers or boosters besides injections to encourage and boost the functioning of the hypothalamus or pituitary gland.

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