Third Party App Store- 9apps Apk Download 2018 Available On 9apps Site

9apps Apk download 2018

Basically, 9apps Apk download 2018 is a Chinese application founded by Alibaba group of companies in 1999, is the leading alternative for downloading your favorite games and other applications giving a tough competition to Google Play store. It is a tool for downloading all types of multimedia onto your Android device, unlike the Google Play store, it downloads APK i.e. a file format that is being used by Android operating system for distribution and installation of the application. It is easy to use because of its distinctive features and benefits, as well as it assured the safety and security of the users and their devices.

Are Leading Applications Available on 9apps Store?

Well, it is a well-known leading application store giving competition to the Google Play store. So it is kind of obvious to have all the leading application for free download available to the user. Likewise stars in a galaxy, 9apps Apk download 2018 has stored a huge number of applications followed with different classified genres. The applications available are free from malware’s and viruses and thus, it is safe to install to experience a high speed and better Play store. Every application is categorized according to the need and convenience of the user, so it is easy to search for the applications. Also, it does not charge any cost for applications available on premium while the general apps are also free of cost.

The list is endless for the applications available for free download. You can download various applications like the social media app, online video streaming apps, gaming apps, and even photography apps, etc.

What’s better: 9apps Apk download 2018 or Google Play store?

  • Number of applications – Due to strict terms and policies of the Google Play store, you cannot get every application you want, but 9apps Apk download 2018 works as a savage to those applications that are available for downloading and installation as it has applications other than those 30 million available
  • No data tracking – It does not track your activity log or actions performed whereas Google Playstore keeps the track record of their user. Thus, you are free to operate this app store the way you want without any restrictions as your data will not be tracked but with safety and security
  • Free to use – It does not charge any amount for downloading applications on premium and thus it is free of cost and whereas Google Play store charges for downloading some of the applications on premium, in case if you want them you need to pay for such applications.

Quick review

Since the late 90s, 9apps Apk download 2018 has been reviewed as the pool of games and themes for mobiles showing you myriad applications in the classified category and that too for free. The top categories in which apps are apparently arranged are as follows – sports, games, browser, social media apps, dating apps, reading apps, and the list is everlasting.

It does not install applications directly like Playstore but downloads APK files which consumes less than 1mb installation package with a smooth operating user interface that is easy to use and hence is user-friendly.

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