Tips to Choose the Best Wet Hire Equipment for your Construction Project

If you are pursuing a developmental project, it is wise to hire heavy equipment rather than purchasing it as this is especially true in case your project has no need to use construction machinery extensively. In addition, the cost of up-keeping the equipment for a longer period of time will far outweigh the benefits being offered by it. But, given below are some considerations to assure you won’t spend surplus money while choosing wet hire.

What is All About the Wet Hire?

Wet hire means the equipment comes along with an operator, fluids, and lubricants, which it needs to assure the heavy machinery is functioning in an effective manner. If you opt for this option, you will basically obtain the whole package. Though what is included in wet hire typically varies from one service provider to another, it will usually come with servicing and repairs in addition to other extras, which your business may need.

Benefits of Choosing Wet Hire:

It offers a number of benefits –

  • You will immediately get to know the amount of money you need to spend on equipment hire including all the fees.
  • Opting for wet hire will really be quite convenient as almost everything you want is available in a single package.
  • Another benefit you get from choosing this option is that it will save you from the trouble of looking outside to get assistance if your company has no one to be qualified to run the equipment.
  • Moreover, the operator who comes together with the equipment is familiar in handling the machine and therefore, helping you avoids some potential problems.
  • If you fail to own an operator confident with the technology found in the workplace, you may feel comfortable from the insurance point of view as you have the essential skill set being offered with the machinery.

Depending upon the manufacturers, the machines and its attachments may found to be varying in operation

How to Choose the Right Wet Hire:

For many people, choosing the appropriate construction material and equipment is always a troublesome task. But, it will become easier if you do little research properly. Usually, each and every construction expert dreamt of getting equipment, which can have the ability to do all the tasks in no time. But, it is not possible.

However, you can opt to minimize the amount of equipment used on your working site by just choose multi-task wet hire as this would avoid more equipment. Often, more equipment leads to more handling expenses and management and this is something, which you would not want to happen. Financial, policy, management, and quality are some important factors to keep in mind while making your project decision because these factors will have a great impact on the bottom line of your development.

Financial Considerations:                                

  • Based on the experience of operators, quotes may be negotiable
  • Manpower fees will be included in the cost you get for equipment and plant hire


  • The operators are more cautious by owning a vested interest in their gear condition. They are well-experienced with the machine so that you may probably reduce the user-caused onsite breakdowns.
  • As the operators are frequently using the machine, they will able to deliver you an effective work with the best quality


  • You can reduce the process of screening and interview
  • Making use of operators, who are recommended by the hire company, reduces onsite admin


Regulations applied to the hiring process and they are:

  • Operators should be experienced
  • Operators should be licensed
  • Experience and licensing reduces on-site liability

Consider these factors while choosing equipment for your construction work. Make the decision at your best!

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