Tips to Choose the Right Venue for a Corporate Event

The stress of a corporate event or conference is very different from that of any personal event. Even picking a wedding venues is relatively easier than organizing a high scale conference that you are supposed to organize on behalf of your Company. Therefore, you need the right support to be able to successfully wade through the day.

In case of a personal event your dear ones share the responsibility. Some are there to even help you with the stress you feel. Of course even then it is a big deal, but you probably agree that a corporate event is a totally different ballgame. Here, you are on your own. Even if you are lucky enough to have some helpful colleagues, each of them has their work cut out and their own share of the stress as well. So, you need a reliable team of management and the best banquet hall suited for the occasion.

The right start

You need to stop panicking if you are, and if not, you are already one step closer to a successful event. The next step is to start doing what it takes and it always begins with meticulous planninglikeyou undergo preparing an event planning checklist for your wedding, it takes same effort in planning a corporate one. Now, some may say that things don’t always go as planned. These are the people who don’t know how to plan properly and then have backups for each plan.


Getting you started

The things you need to keep in mind apart from the presentation you are supposed to give or the deal you are supposed to make sure is successful are:

  • Finding a venue that is classy enough for the clients.
  • Arranging a food and bar menu that will impress clients.
  • Making sure clients and all guests find the location and reach without trouble.
  • Taking care of security.
  • Ensuring accommodation for guests.
  • Ensuring parking facilities for all and transport for those in need.
  • Taking care of lighting, power supply, water supply, and internet connection.
  • Ensuring that all equipment required for the conference or presentations are ready.

It is ridiculous for one person to have to take care of all these things, that too someone who already has a lot on their shoulders already. Your boss shouldn’t expect you to be that making-the-impossible-possible Andy from The Devil Wears Prada. But the truth is, this is often the case. What you then need to do is smart management. You need all your contacts to access the best possible professionals for every segment of work you have cut out. You need some of your own people to oversee them while you oversee everything yourself.

The Holy Grail

Now, you already know what to do so you need to find out how to do it. The answer is, find the right banquet hall and professional event management team for the entire event. Yes, it does not sound so much DIY as you thought it was supposed to. But while you are at it, you will realize that it is not so much of leaving things to professionals as it looks like. You have to constantly be there to make sure things are going as planned. But if you have found the best banquet services style, you will find things much easier.

Invest your time and the Company’s money in a good banquet hall with the right management team, and your work is half done.

Look for the following

If this is your first big corporate event, you will need a list of things to make sure the event goes well. If you have some experience in the matter already, doesn’t hurt to check out the list to make sure you remember every important aspect you need to be thinking about.

  1. Landmark

The location needs to be convenient for people coming straight from the airport or a train station. It should be in a decent locality that all corporate people will be comfortable in. the location should be in a well-known place so that people can find it easily on the GPS or by asking locals for landmark.

  1. Valet parking

There should be a dedicated parking facility in the venue so that attendees don’t need to worry about finding a parking spot.

  1. Natural light access for conference rooms

The placement of the conference rooms should be such that at least one side of the room has windows that allow ample natural light because that lights up the room like no bright light can. Also, every room must be well ventilated and airy even if the windows never need to be opened thanks to the air conditioning. Airy rooms just give a positive and cheerful vibe in general. The ambience helps increase chances of a deal getting signed or some clients getting impressed with the presentations.

  1. Tech support

The equipment required for all conferences, like projectors, screens, adaptors, speakers, and flip charts must all be available and functional. They should be of good quality. They should be tested. Also, there should be equally good backup available for each piece of equipment. There should be ample charging sockets as well for busy mobile phones and laptops.

  1. Internet access

Any good banquet hall for corporate events must be having high-speed internet access. Make sure that the internet access is not limited to the conference rooms. There should be functional Wi-Fi available throughout the banquet hall, including the lobbies, rooms, and every corner so that the busy people don’t find themselves stuck in a particular place for signal strength. They should have the freedom to move about and still get to work on the go.

  1. Direct contact provisions

Each occupant of the rooms should have access to direct contact with the management or room service and every conference room and dining room should have access as well. The banquet hall you booked for your corporate relatives, shouldn’t make your guests wait for service.

  1. Comfortable seating

Be it the desk and chairs in the conference rooms, or the beds and closets in the private rooms, they should all be comfortable because everybody attending a corporate meeting will be in dire need of some rest. You don’t want your clients to wake up cranky with an aching back. You don’t want for yourself to sit for two hours in an uncomfortably hard chair.

  1. Food and refreshments

Food and refreshments are highly important. Especially tea and coffee must always be available along with some healthy snacks. No attendee should have to go without the tea or coffee of their choice. As a responsible host, you must talk to the manager of the hotel to ensure there is green tea, regular tea, sugar, sugar substitutes, milk, caffeine, decaf coffee and everything available at all times of the day and night. There must be multi-cuisine veg and non-veg food available for everybody so that people get to eat something they like no matter which part of the world they come from. There must also be a bar to serve the choicest alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. Leave no stone unturned to please your guests and splurge some on your own teammates.

  1. The teams

You need to maintain direct contact with the staff to make sure everything is running smooth and no occupant has a complaint. They will be your savior for the event.

  • The pocket pinch

Don’t hesitate to negotiate the cost because good service should come at a good price too. As long as you have a decent budget, don’t let anybody take unfair advantage of your paranoia regarding the success of your event. Network with them, create a good connection for next time, refer them to other big companies in turn of good service, and get yourself a good deal.

All you need to do is not settle till you find what you are looking for. Start looking early, communicate, network, and fetch yourself the best deal.


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