Tips for Taking Care of a Newborn Baby

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The first few weeks of a newborn baby will be chaotic. Hereby are a few tips for experienced parents to make the process a tinge easier.

Prepare much ahead of the time

Locate a good lactation specialist before you give birth. My son had feeding problems after the first few weeks of his birth and I had consulted someone beforehand. It would have saved me many tears or any hormonal deficiencies which could be overcome.

Being ready food wise is something that has never crossed my mind. The same policy applies in the case of baby photo shoot Mumbai. The first few weeks of the baby are the most precious moments of theirs and you would need an experienced hand to click those images.

So, stock up on food and other necessities. Normally parents are unprepared and they devote a lot of time to unwanted things when they should be for cooking or freezing meals. You can take a class on infant care through your hospital. They will provide valuable inputs on bathing, feeding or child. You will feel much more confident in the first few weeks in the company of a fragile baby.

Planning is important as you can split the responsibility between your husband and relatives. This ensures that someone is always by your side so you can take breaks. You’ll need a lot of energy while taking care of your baby. You’ll enjoy and sometimes you may get irritated as well but never give up. It is a great feeling to understand that there are people by your side to help you.

Ask for help and accept it at the same time

Use the resources at your disposal and let them ask questions. Remember that no question is dumb. If your friends ask what they can do for you, ask them to baby sit or cook meals. Nobody will regard you as a selfish mother and it is just to restore sanity. In hindsight you can spend more time with your bundle of joy.

Do not try to be a hero as most newborn moms consider that they need to do everything and be a super mom. Take some rest and accept it. If someone is there to help you, then say yes to what they can do and be specific in your approach. For example, can I clean the diaper and the key is to be let the people know well in advance as to how they can help you. Trust me, there are like minded souls to help you.

Baby photography in Mumbai is another area you can seek help. The market is flooded with plenty of them and to choose the correct one is not an easy task. You can ask for references from your friends who have gone to avail their services in the past.

Voice mail

If phone calls are important, let people call you back. It is easier to let the voice mail pick up the call and you can return it back when you are free. The first thing that we did when our baby was born is to update the answering machine. The ringer was turned off and the message settings changed periodically, thanked people for calling us and asked them to drop their messages. We also promised that we would get back to them as per our convenience. Most of the people called to find what the latest piece of information was.

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