Tips to Sell Your First Home for a Good Price

Tips to Sell

First-time home sellers are sometimes clueless about how to increase their asking price without spending a fortune. Interestingly, it takes only a handful of smart decisions to elevate your house to an airy, well-lit and aesthetically appealing property inside out, five of which are shared below.

Create a feeling of space

Move furniture, weed out clutter, organize closets and reduce stuff to give your home a spacious and clean look. Home buyers are not just looking for a great house structure- and location-wise; they want a home that feels spacious and roomy as well.

The best way to make a small space look big is by removing some of the furniture, which will also give your visitors space to move around and explore the property.

Play with light

It’s great if your home gets plenty of natural light. If not, light it up nice and bright. Replace opaque curtains with delicate sheers, install mood lighting to create ambience, clean window panes, replace dull lighting with high-power light bulbs, and place mirrors across windows. Transforming a dark space into a well-lit and cheerful home does not cost a lot, but it does make it more appealing to buyers.

Have a friend babysit your pets

First-time home sellers tend to forget that not everyone who’ll walk into their doors for a showing is a pet-lover. If you don’t want to put off an interested buyer, it might be a good idea to send away your furry friends to daycare or to a friend’s place while a showing is on.

The knowledge that a pet lives in a house immediately brings up images of pet hair, dander, litter, dog food, pet refuse, animal odor, and so forth—and someone looking to buy a house does not want that.

Give some TLC to your kitchen and bathrooms

Your kitchen and bathrooms need your attention more than any other space in the house. If you have the budget, remodeling these two areas could considerably increase the value of your home.

However, make smart upgrades in the form of essential appliances rather than spending on unnecessary luxury additions.

Give your best shot to creating a great first impression

This point sums up every piece of advice you could possibly receive on making your home more saleable. Whatever you do to upgrade your home and how much ever money you’re willing to spend to make it sale-ready, your focus should be on creating a spectacular first impression.

Fix broken stuff, adopt neutral themes, and spruce up the outdoors. Do everything you can within your budget to make your space inviting enough for someone to consider making it their home.


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