Tips to Send Flowers on Budget

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Special occasions need special gifts for your loved ones. All along the year we wait for few special days like birthday, anniversary, wedding and we wish to present a really precious gift to our loved ones to make them happy. Talking of special, unique and precious gifts, one can’t think anything other than flowers. There is no such gift which can be so beautiful charming like flowers. Anyone who will receive the beautiful arranged bouquet would definitely cherish them. Most of us want to send bouquet of the most exotic blooms but our pocket doesn’t allow us.

Lets checkout how you can send flowers on special occasions without hurting your bank balance.

Choose seasonal flowers

The first thing which can cut your expense by half is by opting for seasonal flowers rather than exotic and popular one. Also, you would get guaranteed fresh blooms which are a benefit to you.  Seasonal flowers are easily available with every florist; there is no shortage so you don’t have to do prior booking. Ask your florist to get local flowers rather than import from anywhere else; this would cost you much less.

Garden and less popular flower

It would be really embarrassing if your flower arrangement is not as fresh. It is better to arrange garden flowers that tend to live more, as they are latest to bloom. Another great way to cut your expense is to ask less popular flower. Basically in India roses, tulips sunflowers are very popular hence they are priced high. If you order less popular flowers, you would get fresh  as well as your choice would be unique.

Not more than two stems

You can save huge amount if you stick to only two types of stems. Basically, florist offer you a mixed bag of different flowers which no doubt looks beautiful but turns very costly. It is better to ask them to put two kinds of flowers of same colour, size and they must complement each other. This floral arrangement will be cheap and would look decent.

Combine silk flowers

It is really a very good idea to combine your real beautiful flowers with silk flowers. Certainly, silk flowers have their own kind of appearance and with original flowers they would look gorgeous. We know that silk flowers are cheaper than flowers that would automatically cut your cost.

Shop online

The best idea to get cost effective arrangement is to send flowers online. One can get various opportunities to buy flowers through so many different online portals. They can compare the rates; select the hand arrangement and can chose the best deal. This is how one can save time as well as money.

It’s not all about getting costly products for your family, friends, it’s about your feelings. One can save money through the above given tips. But, do not miss any chance to surprise your close ones with these beautiful flowers.

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