Tips on Throwing a Disney Themed Birthday Party

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Birthdays are that one special day every kid looks towards every year. It is that one day that they can truly call their own and want to celebrate it with their friends and families. Young girls love themed parties especially if they are Disney, Cartoon, Princess or Fairytale theme! If you have a younger daughter who wants a colorful surprise for her birthday, there are tons of themes you can pick from. You can also customize the main birthday cake with this theme as well as the dessert platter. The best theme to go for is a fairytale or Disney theme for the party! All the kids will love this idea. But how do you go about planning such a creative party for the kids?

Here are some fun creative party ideas for your daughter’s Disney themed birthday which will definitely make the party one class apart –

Rainbow cake

A rainbow cake consists of different colored cake layers stacked on top of each other with each layer made of a different flavor. These cakes are usually decorated a lot of multi-colored sparkles completed with thick cream frosting. Let’s not forget the edible pearls and glitter! You no longer need to get the same old photo cake or princess themed cake! You can also make this a rainbow and unicorn theme by adding a unicorn design element to the cake. With multi-colored chocolate chips and cream, this cake is the perfect item to add that overall colorful birthday theme! Each slice will be super colorful! Some of the best sweet shops in Jaipur can help you customize the cake as per your preference and also have it delivered to your doorstep! You can also customize this with tiny rainbow cupcakes placed around each other to make a cupcake-cake which is less messy and extremely easy to serve!

Fairytale themed party favors

Kids love return gifts/party favors and you can make this experience even more exciting and fun by giving it a fairytale theme! For example, you can have rainbow shaped and colored cookies along with pencils or stickers which have favorite Disney fairytale characters! You can also buy accessories such as school bags, water bottles, stationery and other items with this same them from online stores or some of the best gift shop that has the option of online gifts delivery in Jaipur. The gifts will definitely love these items and use them at school to show to their friends!

Disney party games

To make the party even more fun, you can have fairytale and Disney themed party games. You can play Pictionary with the kids and ask them to guess the Disney character, guess the Disney character with a description and other such games! This will definitely be a fun way to get all the kids to interact with each other. You can also have small presents for the winners which need not be too expensive. You can easily purchase them and place Kanha Jaipur online order to get sales and discounts and save a few extra bucks!

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