Top 5 Android Apps for Business Managers

Top 5 Android Apps

The businesses have to deal with innumerable complicated tasks and laborious projects. From managing finance to handling human resources, there is ample of backbreaking chores that give tough competition to the business managers. To help the businesses streamline their operations and execute their duties in an efficient way, we have rounded here the top Android applications for the business managers. From tracking the employee productivity to manage company finance and accountants, these mobile phone apps let you manage many business tasks from any corner of the world.

TheOneSpy Android monitoring App

TheOneSpy is a mobile phone monitoring app that is intended for the business employers to supervise the mobile phone use of their workers. The application helps to identify the productive and unproductive workers. Meanwhile, it boosts the productivity of the workers and prevents them from engaging in unproductive activities. The Android spy app lets you read the messages, emails, social media and instant messenger chat of your workers. You can track the GPS location of your remote workforce; record incoming and outgoing calls of your marketing team and call center representatives; monitor the email and other online accounts of your workers used for personal or professional purposes.

The android monitoring software also provides detail on how the workers are using the company internet and how much time they are spending on each website. It helps prevent the workers from using the company internet for personal or unproductive purposes. The screen recording and live screen sharing features of TheOneSpy let you monitor almost all of your workers’ activities performed on their mobile phones.


As depicted by name, TimeDoctor is a time management and time tracking Android software. Developed for the purpose of business management, the software allows the human resource managers to track time consumed by each worker on productive and unproductive activities. The software also allows tracking the employee productivity and helps prevent the workers from getting involved in needless and unsolicited tasks. TimeDoctor also offers tools to monitor the internet use of the workers. Also, it helps to eliminate the internet distractions by blocking unwanted and objectionable websites. Moreover, the time management software lets you manage and prioritize your tasks and projects, everything right on your phone.


Skype is not an unknown stuff for the business managers. The communication app is being used by millions of business for the purpose of internal and external communication. The Android app offers a costless way to send text messages, make audio and video calls, share photos, videos, audios and documents. The calling features of Skype particularly the conference calls are most important tools for the businesses as these calling tools let you be virtually present in any business meeting in any corner of the world.


FreshBooks is an Android application that streamlines company accounts and finance related operations. Millions of businesses are using the app for tracking time and invoicing their clients. The app helps the business managers to manage and report company expenses. The app integrates with multiple business systems and enables payments through PayPal, Google checkouts and credit cards. It also offers a backup for your company data and lets you manage your accounts from anywhere and anytime.


The last but not the least, Trello is another reliable Android app that lets you manage your tasks and projects right from your mobile. It tracks the performance of the workers and lets you see their progress regarding particular project or assignment. It also lets you prioritize your task; modify the tasks and notify the concerning staff regarding the change.

Hope you would have found this article helpful in picking up the top Android app for the business management.      


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