Top 5 Ayahuasca Healing Centers in Peru

Ayahuasca Healing

Ayahuasca is largely used as a treasured religious ritual. In the 16th century, Christian missionaries from Spain first encountered indigenous western Amazonian basin South Americans using ayahuasca. Basically, it is an entheogenic brew made from the banisteriopsiscaapi vine and the Psychotriaviridis leaf.

It is used in traditional ceremonies among the indigenous tribes of Amazon, which has a long-lasting hallucinogenic experience to give. Traditional ayahuasca healing ceremonies have recently become more popular among westerners. Ayahuasca is claimed to cure mental and physical illness and allow communication with the spirit world.

Peru being a spiritual country has some of its best healing centers. Ayahuasca healing center in Peru is one of the best centers praised all over the world. Here is our guide to the top healing centers that offer ayahuasca healing.

Here is the list of top 5 ayahuasca Peru healing center:

Spiritual healing centers are based on Ayahuasca healing retreat. It is the traditional way of cleansing the body and mind. The list of top ayahuasca healing retreat centers are as follows

  1. Santuario Healing Ayahuasca center :

Santuario healing ayahuasca center is a charming place. It offers authentic ayahuasca and traditional plant medicine center. It is founded on the upper Amazonian city of Pucallpa in Peru. It is situated on a highly unique thermal river in a peaceful territory of virgin rainforest.

This healing center is dedicated to preserving indigenous healing traditions that are being destroyed with time. With this traditional healing method, they cleanse and detoxify the physical body and release blockages in the spiritual self.

  1. La Luna del amazons:

The ayahuasca ceremony tradition comes from the Amazon rainforest, exactly where la Luna del Amazonas is located. It takes an hour of boat ride from the city Iquitos. The retreat has shamans with more than 40 years of experience.

In their temple surrounded by Amazon rain forest, they organize those ayahuasca ceremonies. The manager here helps accommodate guests with anything they may need. They also offer excursions along the Amazon river.

  1. Selva Madre:

Selva Madre is located in Peruvian jungle. They offer ayahuasca retreat to heal body and mind. They have the proper infrastructure to felicitate all the programmes. Their vision is to prove lifetime change in spiritual awakening.

Some of their ayahuasca retreats offer more than five ceremonies a week. They are devoted to the process of offering the best spiritual experience and expansion of one’s consciousness and initiation of spiritual awakening.

  1. Etnikas:

In this retreat, you will get to experience a mixture of Incan and Christian elements. They offer ayahuasca retreats at least by two different shamans with profound knowledge.

They offer intensive ayahuasca healing retreats. They provide medical health team consisting of doctors form every area. They offer Pachamama or mother earth these ancient healing ceremonies.

  1. Cayashoboayahuasca healing center:

It is an established ayahuasca healing center with expert shipiboMaestra and Maestro. Cayashobo is a beautiful property situated in the Amazonian rainforest 15km downtown Iquitos.

It has its own medicine plant gardens and pharmacy to offer flower baths for residents. There is also massage hut to detoxing the body. They offer a variety of ayahuasca retreats.


So if you are planning to visit a healing retreat center don’t just wait sitting at home. These are one of the best healing retreat centers that offer traditional ayahuasca. If every time life is getting stagnant then make sure you visit one of these places to experience your true being.

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