Top 5 Tips to Buy Used Piano

Buying a piano for yourself or your family is an exceptionally wonderful idea to create a lifetime musical sensation at your home.

However, like any other man-made object, the piano is an instrumental machine that matures in years and starts to wear off after a certain time.

Hence, before you spend money on either a new or a used piano, prepare yourself so that you purchase an appropriate piano as per your needs.

“A piano is that it is not only an instrument that you want to play but it also adds elegance and beauty to your home. So while purchasing a piano take the instrumental value as well as the beauty aspect into consideration.”


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Here are few tips that you should know before buying a used piano:-

1. Set a budget for your piano

As said that there is no free lunch. The same theorem is applied to this case as well.

Just because you want a second-hand or a used piano doesn’t mean that you are going to get it for free.

You will anyway have to spend a certain amount of money.

The first factor that you should take into account while purchasing a used piano should be the price of the piano.

Buying a used piano requires you to make some additional payment required to transport the piano to your place or pay for some repairs and mending that is required.

Also, pianos come in different shapes, size, designs and styles like the Spinet, Console, Studio, Petite Grand, Baby Grand, Concert Grand etc.

And it is much obvious that since they differ in shape, size, and style, their prices will also differ.

Therefore, you should set a proper budget that you want to spend on a particular type of piano, spend on the repairs and lastly on the transportation of the piano.

2. Where to buy the piano from

To purchase a used piano, you have two basic choices that are from a used piano store like the used Piano Store in Phoenix or an individual.

  • Purchasing from a used piano store

When you purchase a used piano from a used piano store, you will find that the pianos come with a manufacturer’s warranty. The pianos are generally reconditioned and moving and tuning of the piano are complementary in many cases.

As the stores deal in a wide range of products, therefore, you get the advantage of selecting your favourite piano from a wide range of instruments.

  • Purchasing from an individual

Purchasing a used piano from an individual can be a little cumbersome as you will have to travel to several homes to find a suitable piano.

You will have to bear the moving cost of the piano. You don’t even get proper warranty and guarantee of the piano. Moreover, you will have less choice in terms of the furniture cabinetry. As the used pianos lose their newness, hence you might also have to pay for the extra service to restore the touch and tone of the piano.

Therefore, buying used pianos from a store like the Used Arizona Pianos from Stilwell is far better than buying it from an individual.

3. Have a look at the style and finishing of the piano

As said earlier that apart from being an instrument, the piano also plays a major role in decorating your house.

This is the reason that you should have a look at the style and finishing of the piano.

You should check whether the piano matches the interior of your house or do you have enough space in your house to keep the piano.

If by chance, the used piano needs to be repaired, determine the cost of repairs. Because sometimes what happens is that the cost of repairs often exceeds the cost of a brand new piano. So, if the cost of repairs is more than that of a brand new piano, then it is self-explanatory to buy a new one.

Check the cabinet to see if there are some missing or broken parts.

Lastly, the piano should have a matching bench. So, before making the final purchase, make sure that the piano has a matching bench preferably in a good condition.


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4. Examine the keys

The keys are the most important part of a piano and for this reason, you should examine the keys very carefully.

Check if the keys are at a proper level from one end to the other. If the keys are loose or not at a straight level, look for another used piano.

Also, check if the vertical ends of the keys are square or a rectangle. The more square the vertical ends are the better the piano.

To see if all the keys make the sound, play the keys from one end to the other with a light hand.

5. Check the strings

The second most important part of a piano after the keys are the strings.

Closely inspect the strings to see the presence of rust on them. It is okay if the strings are lightly rusted. But never ever purchased a used piano that has strings with excessive rust. Because excessive rust could mean that the strings can break anytime. Also, check for missing strings and keep an eye on the coils of the piano.


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Now you have all the tips that you need to buy a used piano. You need to know How To Buy Used Pianos On Craigslist too. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and buy a piano that not suits your musical needs but also makes your house more elegant with its presence.

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