Top 6 Career Options for Making a Better Career in Jeddah

better career in Jeddah

Building a meaningful career is not an easy task to do when you are new to the particular city. This is because of the fact that the person left his or her networks behind and it takes time for them to build the new connections. Apart from this, they might not be aware of the economy and the dominating industries in the particular city or country.

No matter you are a newbie in Jeddah or have been living here for a long time, it is important to get the knowledge of trending career options which might have the good earning potential. It will help you to decide on the right career options without wasting your time and without hassle. If you are looking forward to grabbing a good job opportunity in Jeddah, then you can know about a number of jobs that you can consider for a promising career in this Saudi Arabian port city on the Red Sea.

Here is the listing of top 6 jobs that can make you earn a good deal of money in Jeddah…

  • Mechanical Engineer

They are the professionals who take the responsibility of planning and manufacturing of new products in the organization. Their engineering duties include development, designing, and testing mechanical devices. In terms of qualification requirements, you will require having a bachelor degree of science in mechanical engineering, a master of science in engineering, or related degree.

  • Civil Engineering

When it comes to the job responsibility of a civil engineer, they design, plan, or manage the construction projects. Being a civil engineer, you can work on small-scale projects such as building or bridge repairs to large-scale projects such as building large stadiums. You can even get the job in various sectors such as structural, environmental, and transportation.

  • Accountant Job

This is one of the high-paying jobs in Saudi Arabia. An accountant can land the good job in various fields to perform the required calculations. Creating sales and cash flow reports, administering payroll, keeping balance sheets, keeping balance sheets, managing budgets etc. are some other duties which are performed by the accountant.

  • Electrical Engineer

To get into this particular job profile, a candidate should have some essential skills including Auto CAD, C++, Engineering Design, and C++ Programming Language, etc. These professionals are responsible for implementing and designing components for any device that uses electricity. They focus on researching, creating, and improving products, and devices.

  • Project Engineer

If you decide on this career option, then you may have the good earning potential. In this job, you will have to oversee technical staff who may have been working on any engineering project within their company.

  • Staff Nurse

To get the high pay in this particular job, a skill in Intensive Care Unit is required. Nursing aspirants can get work in hospitals and long-term care facilities. Nurses carry out assessments of patients and administer care and medications as needed.

No matter whichever option you have chosen, you can grab a good job opportunity in Jeddah by using the leading online job portals. So, don’t wait for more, begin your job search today!

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