Top 6 Home Remedies

Top 6 Home Remedies for Oral Thrush


There are numerous kinds of micro organism settle down in the mouth of each person. In common condition when our immune system function properly, almost invaders cannot induce the disease. They are activated, overgrown and become pathogens when the immune defense of the body being deficient. Among the opportunistic microorganisms, Candida albicans is one of the most popular pathogens. It is one kind of yeast infection and develops mainly in mouth and vagina.

If the mouth is affected, it results in infection called oral thrush or oropharyngeal candidiasis. The age predilection is newborn babies whose immune systems have not grown up adequately and elderly who used to wear the denture. However, this condition is also can be observed in both children and adults, particular in people who experience the immune deficiency. When being contracted with this disease, the patient will have the white patch on the cheek or tongue which are easily to clean out. If it is not controlled at time, the lesions may develop in size and spread into other locations as palate, tonsils, gingival and throat. The white lesions are accompanied by soreness, fatigue, difficulty in swallowing and taste loss.

Because of being fungal infection, this disease can be treated successfully by antifungal medicines. Normally, the drugs are delivered topically over gel or liquid. However, there are some home remedies that can help out in this situation with significant result.

Salt- Salt is considered one of the best disinfection for many infections as its high concentration creates unfavorable environment for the development of fungus and bacteria. People can either dilute the salt with warm water and rinse their mouth several times per day or take some salt, rub it over the lesions for few seconds. Then they can swallow the rest or eventually spit out.

Apple cider vinegarThere are some studies indicated that apple cider vinegar has power to stop the propagation of fungus and Candida albicans in particular. It alters the environment into lower pH that is inhospitable for fungus growth. In addition to this, vider vinegar contains some enzymes which can destroy the cell membrane of microorganisms.

People can mix two teaspoon of cider vinegar with a half of teaspoon of salt into a cup of warm water, then use this mixture to gargle two or three times per day. Alternatively, people can add a teaspoon of raw honey into two teaspoon of undiluted apple cider to utilize the antibacterial characteristic of honey along with mentioned above the out-standing property of apple cider vinegar. This remedy is used for back acne as well.

Yogurt and probiotic It goes without doubt that one of the main mechanisms resulting in the development of Candidiasis is the disruption in the balance of micro flora in the mouth. In this sense, yogurt with a million of natural good bacteria can help out in rehabilitation of oral flora, therefore the fungus cannot grow out of control. It would be better if one can use yogurt without sugar as it acts as the food for the development of fungus. On the other hand, probiotics supply the good bacteria interns of capsular or powder by which the patients can take it two or three times per day up to the point the symptoms are recessed.

Coconut oil Some researchers found that the medium-sized fatty acid found in coconut oil like capric, caprylic acids can work as a antifungal substance. They concluded that coconut oil can fight against range species of fungi including Candia albicans. Therefore, the simple step should be made to prevent oral thrush is cooking with coconut oil. If you have been already affected, applying the cotton pellet soaked with coconut oil over the lesions inside the mouth. Try to keep it in place as long as possible before taking the cotton swab out, rinse the mouth again with warm water or you can swallow the residue as coconut is completely safe enough to eat.

GarlicGarlic has long been used as traditional medicine for centuries. It is well known that garlic is a rich source of natural antibiotics. Therefore, this plant can combat against the overwhelming development of any bacteria as well as fungi in our mouth. Furthermore, eating garlic in daily basis can give out immune capacity a significant boost. There are various methods to extract the fantastic characteristics from garlic. People can either eat its cloves raw or cook it with the foods which are served on your daily meal. Some tablets contain the extract from garlic are now available in the market, thus you can easily pick it up in drug store and use at home. Otherwise, patients can shrub garlic oil on affected site in the mouth for several times per day.

Baking sodaBaking soda can be used as home remedy for many kind of disease. When it turns to drive away oral thrush, sodium bicarbonate can kill the yeast and increase the oral pH by neutralizing acids generated during the development of fungi. Patients can rinse their mouth with the mouthwash made of baking soda diluted with warm water or apply it directly into the mouth several times per day until the symptoms and signs are improved.

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