Health Benefits of Lemongrass

Top Health Benefits Of Lemongrass


Lemongrass, as the name says it all, has something similar with lemon. This ingredient also got another name as fever grass. If you ever notice, chances you will see that this plan gets perennial and long leaves. At the beginning, it roots from the Asian countries and has the taste similar to lemon.

However, it has got milder and sweeter taste. However, thanks to its benefits it offers that it can be considered as the flavoring agent with the potent flavor.

Nutrition Facts

This plant has lot of beneficial properties. It is known as a good source of A vitamin, C vitamins as well as folate and folic acid. Also, it also has got a trace of B-vitamin.

People will also need lemon grass for it possesses lots of natural essential minerals such as magnesium, zinc, copper, iron and potassium.

Top Amazing Health Benefits

Thanks to all of these nutritional facts it brings, lemongrass can become a powerful ingredients for within the kitchen and therefore, it can make such a good supplement.

Following are some natural benefits of lemongrass you should know if you want to make the most of it.

1. Help Digestion

This lemongrass works just wonders in order to promote digestion. The reason for this is that it packed with high amount of antiseptic that can effectively kill all bacteria and parasites. Thanks to that, it works just well to promote the work of digestive tract by increasing good bacteria in the colon.

Due to this reason, if you eat lemongrass on regular basis, chances are you will no longer have to worry about problems such as indigestion, constipation, heartburn and diarrhea.

You are recommended to drink lemon grass tea on regular basis. Alternatively, you could just also make lemon grass extra ingredient on every dishes you eat. It will also create the difference.

2. Control Cholesterol Levels

This lemongrass, as mentioned above, is super healthy and it can help to control level of ccholesterol. It is the anti-cholesterol and anti-atherosclerosis action that works just well in order to reduce the absorption of cholesterol within the intestine. This is not to mention that its nutrient that can can the oxidation of LDL within the blood and therefore, works wonders in prevent plaque buildup.

This lemon grass, however, can beat almost any types of cholesterol absorption within the body. Therefore, you had better drinks its tea every day. It can be good if it is used along with lemon.

3. Cleanse and Detoxifies

You might not know but it is the regular consumption of lemongrass that works just well in order to cleanse and detox your body. Detoxifying body is the only way that helps your body to drive all of the toxins and uric acid lives in. And drinking lemongrass tea is the method that many people are doing these days. It helps increase the frequency of urination in order to cleanse out kidneys as well as other parts of the body.

Thanks to this, you will no longer have to worry about harmful elements residing within your body.

4. Immune System

If you are constantly dealing with fever or cold, probably it is the signs that your immune system is weak. The resistance of the body cannot bear with the intrude of bacterial and fungus from the outside. Therefore, it is high time that you boosted your immune system. Along with working out, eating enough and sleep well, it is necessary that you take food supplement and lemon grass is one of the best ingredient you can go for. It will help you to prevent chances of having headache and pain or musle joints, which are all signals of cold or fever.

Here is how to consume lemongrass:

  • Take out and boil fresh cloves of lemongrass.
  • Add these cloves along with cinnamon sick and turmeric powder into the bowl and boil them.
  • Strain the boil them for a while and leave it there to cool down.
  • Have this cup of lemongrass tea every day instead of pure water.

You could have this beverage everyday, especially during summer days.

5. Fight Cancer

Lemongrass could also itself turn into a very powerful ingredient helping you to stay away from cancer. The reason is that there are high amount of anti inflammatories and antioxidants that can drive out all the mucus and phlegm buildup within the body. Therefore, it works just well to be a shield protecting your body from disease and virus causing cancer.

Similar to the above, you could just make lemongrass tea to drink every day. Alternatively, you can make it extra ingredient to your daily meal.

6. Stress and Depression

In case that you are having depression, it is highly recommended that you find ways out. Along with taking exercise and leaving a healthy lifestyle, lemongrass could also be a good way. All you need to do is to take lemongrass oil to bath. The scent of lemongrass could calm the nerve and could your mind. This way, all stress and depression could just go away. You will find them in no time, surely.

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