What Are the Top Off Page Activities And Their Resources

off page activities

We have already read in our last post about Top Off Page Techniques. It has been always important to get the backlinks for the websites. The backlinks should not be spam. It must be quality backlink. Sometimes it seems tougher than other activities. If you have not quality content you will be continue suffering from this issue. So, try to produce quality content.

Getting perfect resources from anywhere, is a challenging work and it consumes your very precious time. Here, I’m going to present few off page activities and along with their top resources.


  • Profile Creation

It is very easy to create profile for your business. There are lots of profile creation websites. Just go through the websites and look for ”Sign Up” or “Create An Account”.  Click on it and just follow the instructions. Always try to get the backlinks from that websites which have more Domain Authority than you.

Find The Profile Creation Sites List


  • Social Bookmarking

If you have written any content, you just want to spread it, want to reach it out to more people and let the google crawler also know. It helps to keep the crawl your pages and maintain an engagement with the user and Google crawler. While doing Social bookmarking submission always use the tags. The tags has a great role in keep the engage your content. Be aware of spam website and never use those which are never crawled by google.

Find The Social Bookmarking Sites and Instructions


  • Classifieds

If you dealing in Service or product related website, this one is very important and effective. You just need to create the best title and content. Give you proper information here. Never use spam website. It may harm you in respect of ranking and traffic. Never get the backlinks from those classifieds website which are built on same IP address. It is good to use image and videos while posting an ad.

There are few websites which accept the ads for any country. They are multi country based websites. But there are few websites which are location specific. It is better to get the links from both types of websites.

Find The Classifieds Sites for USA


  • Image Sharing

Images are the best option when you not much content. You can create images related to your services and products. It sounds better than anything. Write better and specific content on images. It has been always seen that if there is images, that content has more visitors and engagement. While publishing the images, always use the tags, write the image name containing keywords and give them a sharp title.

Find The Top Image Sharing Sites


  • Business Listing

It is a unique activities and most effective off page activity. If you are working on any local business or location based businesses, must do business listing submission. If you rank in Local Pack, you will be always on top in SERP.  By doing business listing you can beat the organic results and get more traffic. The BL submission is very tough and case-sensitive task. If you have different brand name, different phone number on every website, you will get nothing and get penalized too. So, do it very carefully and must read the instructions once before going to do BL submission.

There are lots of website available which accept the business submission. Few websites are eligible for multi location which can accept the submission of business of any location. But there are few specific websites too. If they accept for US business they will not accept the AUS (BL for AUS) or Indian businesses (BL for IND). So, do it according to your location and increase your website’s visibility in that area and in Google.

Find The Business Listing Sites US and Instructions


There are other activities too but I have just going through few which are most important. These all websites are perfect to perform the task. These activities and the given resources have that impact that can change your all position in SERP and improve your traffic unanimously. Hope you find this article helpful for you. Please share this content and help them too who haven’t reached it yet.

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