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Top-performing Baroda Pioneer Mutual Fund Schemes On Your Fingertips – Apply Now


Mulling investment at Baroda Pioneer Mutual Fund, a joint venture between Bank of Baroda and Pioneer Investment? Well, the fund house has stood tall to the investor demand by fulfilling their respective goals through a myriad of equity, debt and hybrid schemes. Be it the high returns, stable income or both, Baroda Pioneer Mutual Fund Schemes have fulfilled all such investor demands with finesse. There are top-performing Baroda Pioneer MF schemes where you should look to park your money. So, which are they? Let’s find out now.

Best Performing Baroda Pioneer Equity Funds

By keeping your hard earned money in the equities, these funds escalate the growth of your investment over the long term. You may face volatility in the short-term but would reap the benefits of higher returns as your MF investments grow older.

Baroda Pioneer Growth Fund – Plan A

The fund, which was incepted on 12th September 2003, invests predominantly in the equities across the market capitalizations – large-cap, mid-cap and small-cap. The equity exposure can go up to as much as 100%, while debt investments won’t go beyond 25%. Since inception, the fund has offered a return of 17.69% to the investors. Its recent performance holds good with 20.81% and 10.83% in the last one year and 3 years, respectively.

Baroda Pioneer Banking and Financial Services Fund – Plan A

Incepted on 22nd June 2012, the fund invests in the equities of companies engaged in providing banking & financial services sector. The fund, since inception, has generated a healthy return of 14.54%, greatly aided by the 1-year return of 20%. As banking and financial stocks are set to be hot picks for a fair length of time due to favourable cues such as lowering interest rates, the return chart of the fund will attain new heights.

Baroda Pioneer ELSS 96 – Plan A

The fund has been a perfect foil for long-term investors with a return of 13.35% since founded on March 31, 1996. Aiming for bigger returns while offering a cushion of tax saving, the fund presents a simple way to save and grow your money. Its last one year and 3-year returns are shown to be 20.65% and 10.83%, respectively.

Glance at Top-performing Baroda Pioneer Debt Funds

Happy with a regular dose of income? Come and invest in the AMC’s top-performing debt funds that invest predominantly in debt and money-market instruments to serve the purpose.

Baroda Pioneer Credit Opportunities Fund – Plan A

Since incepted in 2015, the fund has posted a return of 10.39% to the investors who are enjoying a stable flow of income by keeping their money here. With a mix of debt and money-market investment mix, the fund has helped investors rake in a 1-year return of 9.20% and a 2-year return of 10.12%.

Baroda Pioneer Dynamic Bond Fund – Plan A

Investors who have kept their hard-earned sum in this fund have extracted a return of 9.36% since its inception on June 30, 2012. The money invested here goes mainly into the debt instruments.

Baroda Pioneer Treasury Advantage Fund – Plan A

Launched on 24th June 2009, the fund has provided a return of 8.50% in a span of 8 years. By keeping a minimum of 65% corpus in money-market instruments and the rest in debt securities, the fund has served the investor goals of income generation with utmost ease. With a 1-year and 3-year return of 7.93% and 8.80%, respectively, the fund bodes well for the future.

Top-performing Baroda Pioneer Hybrid Funds

Want to enjoy the world of capital appreciation and income generation? Invest in Baroda Pioneer Hybrid Funds, which invest in equity, debt and money-market instruments in a proportion as deemed fit to achieve investor goals.

Baroda Pioneer Balance Fund

The scheme aims to generate capital appreciation over the long term in addition to a dose of regular income by investing in a portfolio of equities, debt and money-market instruments. Since founded in 2003, the average return has been 12.93%. The 1-year and 3-year returns, on the other hand, stand at 17.62% and 10.65%, respectively.

Baroda Pioneer MIP Fund – Plan A

With a view to providing regular income and long-term capital appreciation, the scheme invests in debt & money-market instruments and equity & equity-related securities. Since incepted in 2004, the fund has provided a return of 6.23%. While its 1-year and 3-year returns stand higher at 7.23% and 7.95%, respectively.

Baroda Pioneer Mutual Fund Statement

You can check the account statements of Baroda Pioneer Mutual Fund Schemes by visiting the website of the AMC. While reaching here, click ‘Get Your Account Statement’ here.  A new page will open, wherein you need to enter the folio number and choose the period for which you want to check the statement. Even the AMC can provide you the statement on a monthly basis.

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