Tracheostomy Care Sterling Height Michigan: A reliable treatment for Sleep Apnea

Tracheostomy Care Sterling Height Michigan A reliable treatment for Sleep Apnea

A tracheostomy is one of the oldest medical procedures known today. It is also known as pharyngotomy and laryngotomy. The procedure consists of performing a surgical cut in the trachea on the outside of the neck to create a direct airway. This produces a stoma (opening) to work independently as an air passage. It is also used to allow the insertion of a tracheostomy breathing tube. The opening and the tube allow an individual to breathe without using the mouth or nose. Current medical procedures use a needle puncture or a surgical incision method.

A tracheostomy care Sterling Heights Michigan is a somewhat drastic surgery that can be used for a patient suffering from extremely severe sleep apnea. This type of surgery is usually only done if no other form of treatment, such as other surgical procedures and the use of a CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure) has worked and sleep apnea is considered life-threatening.

The tracheostomy recovery Michigan procedure is actually quite simple. A small hole is made in the patient’s neck and in the trachea. Then a tube is inserted and the tracheostomy is performed. The orifice is permanent and the patient can breathe easily through the hole in his throat. There are many reasons why this is done as a last resort. Patients may suffer from other medical problems due to tracheostomy and, frankly, nobody wants a hole in their throat if they can avoid it. Unfortunately, this is a necessity in some potential life-or-death situations with respect to sleep apnea.

When a patient undergoes tracheostomy emergency care Sterling Heights for reasons of sleep apnea, there is a valve that can be closed during the day. This means that the patient can breathe and speak normally while awake. At night, the valve opens and the air flows directly into the tube and into the lungs and vice versa. The tracheostomy is performed below where the obstruction is located and prevents more episodes of sleep apnea from occurring.

Some of the risks involved in a tracheostomy aftercare Michigan include the possibility of infection, problems with scar tissue, bleeding, difficulty speaking, and potential lung infections. Anyone with a tracheostomy should be very careful immediately after the surgery and carefully follow all instructions given by their doctor. Frequent checks are also important to ensure that everything looks and works as it should.

In addition to the physical risks associated with a tracheostomy, there are also many psychological risks. Immediately after surgery, many people have difficulty accepting the change in their appearance and suffer from low self-esteem and depression. It is important to talk with your doctor about any concerns and consider consulting a therapist for any unresolved problem.

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