Are you planning your trip to Bhutan?

Do you have stipulated duration of time to travel Bhutan?

Do you know of the most significant places that you must travel in Bhutan?

If you have yet, not decided about the places to explore in Bhutan, it’s time to decide soon so that you could not miss the charm of Bhutan.Bhutan is a country with great natural beauty having magnificent mountains and serene valleys. It is a Buddhist kingdom located on the edge of eastern Himalayas’.

So, it has an exciting landscape that covers the ranges from subtropical plains to valleys.It is definitely a place with the huge mountains that help you breathe a fresh air with the incredible beauty of nature.Hence, it is considered as the one of the best breakout destination for families, couple, adventurous people and nature lover.Besides incredible natural and scenic beauty, there are lots of admiring places that you must include on the list of places to travel in Bhutan.

Here, I am sharing the seven most amazing places of Bhutan that you must visit. So, let’s go for Bhutan travel:

1. Thimpu
It is the capital of Bhutan which is just situated in the Himalayas with awesome sight of the Chuu River going through it.And, one of the interesting things about it is that Thimpu is the only city in the world where you will not find any traffic light.It’s old culture and charm are still preserved, as modern development is monitored and designed under the Bhutanese style and within a limited height.

2. Phuentsholing
It is another most significant town with the neat and clean environment. The main attraction points here are the Crocodile Breeding Center, Amo Chuu, border gate of Bhutan, Karbandi Monastery, and Chukha Hydrothermal project.And, the natural beauty of Phuentsholing is so beautiful that you will love to be there if you really love the nature.

3. Taktsang Monastery
If you are especially going for Bhutan trekking tours, Taktsang Monastery is one of the finest destination in Bhutan.It is also known as the Tiger’s Nest Monastery, and it is believed that Guru Rimpoche meditated here in the eighth century.If you are going on Bhutan trekking holiday, this place can be the perfect choice for trekking. Once you reach here, you can look at the beautiful Paro Valley which is thousands of meters away below.

4. Paro Valley
Paro valley is the most beautiful and amazing valley which is surrounded by green rice field.It is the historic town with many sacred points and historical buildings. And, when you will see it with Jakar and Punakha, you will find a “golden triangle.”Hence, you can find it the perfect blend to travel where you will find the amazing taste of their culture and nature together.

5. Kurjey Lhakhang Monastery
It is considered as the great history of the Kingdom. So, if you are keen to know about the evolution of Buddhism in Bhutan, you must visit this destination. It is the most ancient place where three kings were buried.

6. Bumthang Valley
This valley is called as the spiritual heartland of Bhutan as here you will find the ancient and significant Buddhist sites. It is located at the height of 2600 meters.It is also known as the religious hub of Bhutan where you can find the oldest Buddhist temple.Jakar is the main town in this valley, whose terrain is filled with apple trees and number of temples that really creates a foreign tourist’s pleasure.

7. Punakha
It is one of the wonderful destination in Bhutan that has been linked with the most significant events in the history of Bhutan.And, due to this reason, it is considered as the most beautiful and momentous region in the Bhutan culture.This district is located at the floor level rise from 1300m to 3000m around Dochhula pass that really creates a fantastic scenic view of Bhutan history and culture.

These are the most amazing places in Bhutan that you must include in your Bhutan tourism package.Anyway, if you are thinking about the best Bhutan travel agency to have Bhutan tour package, you can visit different online portals and compare their packages to find the best one.So, just start exploring for best Bhutan tourism packages and choose the best one to plan Bhutan trip.
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