How to Treat Asthma through Ayurveda

Ayurveda asthma treatment

Every one well knows about the disease Asthma, especially in India where air pollution is above danger level. Basically, Asthma is a disease of human respiratory system in which the air passage gets narrow in response to trigger such as exposure to polluted air, excessive exercise, allergen particles or stress. Wheezing, problem in breathing are some of main features of Asthma. It is studied that in early morning and night, the asthmatic attack is most severe. Every year lakhs of people die due to this disease. In this article we will discuss the cause, symptoms and various other ways to treat Asthma

Causes & Symtoms

Asthma is caused by the obstruction in the airways due to accumulated ‘Kapha’. It certainly blocks the respiratory pipeline and narrows it resulting in less amount of oxygen transferred to the body causing difficulty in breathing. This happens due to weakening of lung tissues, ‘kapha’ aggravating foods, allergens due to dust, animal dander etc. Also, too much intake of stale food or drink, formation of mucus or lungs infection is also a cause of Asthma.

One can get numerous symptoms of Asthma which includes shortness of breath, chest pain, wheezing with hissing sound while exhaling, cough, more mucus production, cold, sleeping disorder, anxiety and weakness.


Ayurveda asthma treatment is the best option available for those who are suffering. It regards that Asthma is caused by malfunction of digestive system. Improper function of digestive glands causes hypersensitivity to certain substances like dust or allergen which triggers the asthmatic attack. Ayurvedic herbal supplement, natural remedy and proper dietary schedule can deal well with this disorder.

Basically it focuses on restoring digestion with herbal treatment and correct lifestyle change. Here are some Ayurvedic prescriptions to treat asthma.

  • One should add old Rice which is at least stored for 1 year in his/her diet with Wheat, Barley and Arhar beans.
  • To strengthen lungs, prepare a mixture of cloves with honey and leave it for overnight and take it next day. It is a good herbal remedy.
  • Formation of heavy mucus in the nose causes problems in breathing. One should avoid every product which increases ‘ama’ (mucus). Mainly dairy products like milk, curd, cheese, creams should be avoided.
  • Drink herbal tea mixed with Tulsi, Ajwain, pepper and ginger, which heals the weak tissue of lungs. Including honey with warm drink is also very beneficial.
  • Heavy food, junk foods which causes difficulty in digestion should be avoided. White flour and white sugar products are harmful and need not be consumed.
  • Frozen desserts, cold drinks or any other cold foods which can cause kapha can be very dangerous so it should also be avoided.
  • Garlic and ginger, both are capable of reducing the asthmatic severity. Hence, one should consume both the things.

Beside Ayurvedic treatment, various home remedies and yoga can come handy to deal with this disease. Getting a shift in the lifestyle and including all these healthy habits can prevent one from Asthma.

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