A trip to the abode of Mother Nature – Leh Ladakh


Whether you are looking for thrill or relaxation, Leh Ladakh offers you both. While the snow capped mountains are a challenge to any expert trekker, you can spend hours experiencing the sublime nature at the green valleys of Leh Ladakh.

Checkout the castles of the cold desert

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Ladakh has been heavily influenced by Tibetan culture, which is evident both from its monasteries and palaces. The Leh Palace is a spectacular historical site of Ladakh and has a remarkable resemblance to the Potala Palace of Tibet. Get on the top of this nine storied castle to get a panoramic view of the surroundings. The Namgyal Stupa and the mural paintings that adorn the walls of the building are highlights of the place.

The monasteries of Leh Ladakh are the castles safeguarding the relics of the golden era of Buddhism. Be it the statue of golden Buddha or the elegant structure of the Thiksey monastery, Buddhist monasteries of Leh Ladakh are treasure houses. Spin the prayer wheels to fulfil your good desires or chat with the monks to get to know the history of Ladakh and Buddhism.

Wake up to the first rays of the sun

Be at the Pangong Tso Lake to witness a mesmerizing sunrise as the rare bird species of Brahmni ducks welcome the morning. As the sun rises from behind the Great Himalayas, varied colours play over the glacial waters of the lake. Be at the banks of the Tso Moriri Lake to check out the varied flora and fauna. Besides the flocks of cranes and geese, the Rupshu Valley, which encircles the lake, is inhabited by gazelles, snow leopards, bharal and Tibetan sheep.

Leh Ladakh gives you the chance to walk on the carpet of flowers; the Nubra Valley is a contrast to the rough terrain of Leh Ladakh. The hot spring waters of Panamik are a nice respite from the chilly cold of the snow land. A trip to Ladakh is incomplete without experiencing some snowfall; play with the white cotton snowflakes to make your Leh Ladakh trip more memorable.

Unravel the mysteries of the mountains

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Leh Ladakh is nestled between the Great Himalayas and the Karakoram mountain range. The steep slopes of these hills are challenging even to the experienced trekkers. Make your trip exhilarating trekking through the silent Zanskar Valley or water rafting through the mighty Zanskar and Indus rivers.

It is an experience of life to ride on a camel at the mountains; explore the sand dunes of Nubra riding over Bactrian camels, a rare species with two humps. The straight roads of Leh Ladakh are loved by bikers. Be at the Magnetic Hill which drags your bike up without the need of ignition.

Inhabit with the locals

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Home stays are common at Leh Ladakh; go for homes stays to feel the warmth of hospitality of the simple Ladakhis. Enjoy their local dishes of steaming hot momos dipped in homemade spicy chilli sauce along with hot butter or salt tea, or savour on the soupy noodles of Thukpa to feel cosy.

Bring back memories

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As you wrap around the warm and soft Pashmina shawl or play with the colourful trinkets bought from Ladakh, you will feel nostalgic. Hence do not forget to fill your shopping bags with the unique souvenirs of Leh Ladakh.

Leh Ladakh is a landmark in the tourism of incredible India. The isolated hills and serene monasteries of the region beckon the tired minds from all over the world to spent some moments of peace under the bliss of Mother Nature.

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