The True Value of HR Certifications


At the present time, we can see there’s a growing appreciation for the HR Certifications among the HR professionals. There has been a steady competition for HR jobs and knowing which HR Certification will help you to elevate your career will make a huge difference.

Industry certification can be a great way to add unique attributes in your career in this competitive job market. In recent years, employers care more for certification, because it presents the required attributes & expertise in the certain field which they’re looking for. Along with this, it also proves the job skills which eventually makes the professionals confident.

As a matter of fact, HR Certification & educational courses in India are the convenient ways to prove that you have got the skills & expertise to be successful which eventually leads to a better salary & better job satisfaction.

There are a plethora of trends to explore related to professional HR certifications. Specifically, it’s nice to know what percentage of our users actually have professional HR certifications, and for those that do, there are a bunch of HR certifications which are perceived to be the most popular ones.

The increasing recognition of the HR certifications has made it a prerequisite for professional development. According to the surveys about HR certification candidates & certificates, it was acknowledged that the HR Certifications & education adds an amazing value & credibility to their professional career which consists becoming more beneficial to the company. For employees, the advantages of having HR certification demonstrates dedication & understanding of the profession and presenting their commitment towards further education.

As a matter of fact, almost all survey respondents revealed that their professional credibility (97%), marketability (93%) and further facets of their careers (86%) has significantly increased by having the HR certifications. Along with that, 95% of the respondents said that HRCI certification increases respect from the organization & colleagues with gaining a competitive advantage on peers.

All the respondents were asked to provide a single word to express how they perceive the value of their HR certification. Both surveys revealed that credibility was the most cited term, just followed by knowledge. Other candidates mentioned accomplishment & validation on the post-examination survey, followed by professionalism & prestige which were mentioned at the re certification survey.


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