Why Trust Best Access Control Systems When it Comes to Safety and Security of your Organization

General access control systems are designed to restrict access to specific areas or to provide access to resources by specific entities.  Meanwhile, in building security management, an access control system (ACS) is designed to restrict access to a specific area or room to specific person or persons.

It allows only those persons who are specifically entitled to enter the particular space or open a door at a particular time. This system uses a combination of electric and electronic components to achieve this. An ideal ACS system consists of several components such as electric lock, reader, emergency exit device, controller board etc.

Building Access Control Systems and their Types

Building access control systems are of two types, they are stand-alone systems and network-based systems. A stand alone system combines the reader and controller board into one device, whereas a network-based system separates the reader and controller board. Network-based system is more secure as it separates the reader and controller. The controller in a network-based system has more expandable capacity as it can be linked to control several doors.

Network Based System: In network based system an electric lock is used to combine the leaf door and its frame. The function of this lock is similar to the function of a traditional lock. Unlike traditional lock where key is used to open the lock, in network based system electric lock is used to open the lock. There are variety of electric locks available according to the type and weight of the door.  Based on the door types you will find three varieties of electric locks: electric door strike, electromagnetic lock, and drop bolt. Each type of lock has its own advantages so as to meet the technical requirements and cost limitations.

Stand Alone System:  In a stand alone system a reader is used to identify the person who is entering the protected area or a restricted area/room. The input received by the reader to identify the person can either be card, pin, or biometric image. After identifying of the person, the reader sends the identity to the controller. Communication between reader and controller is established by using a standardized protocol.

Important Components of Building Control Access Systems

The most important component of a building control access system is the controller board which stores all the logic and user databases. Once its receives the identity of the user from the reader, the controller checks the privilege of the user in its access control database and then it takes the appropriate action.  The controller board also manages the communication with the building controller access system which is necessary to maintain the consistency of data. The controller board downloads the configuration and user database from or to the server and synchronizes the differences.

Emergency exit device is the last important component in a building control access system. This device is used to open a lock without inputting an authorized identity through the reader. Although these devices are not compulsory, but are important for operational continuity. Most of the devices which are commonly used to trigger an emergency exit are an exit button, breaking glass and a key switch.

The Need of Building Access Control Systems

Access control systems are something what most of the people are installing these days. Protecting a home or building with building control access systems really is becoming the norm not only in towns and cities, but also in rural areas. Most of the people and organizations are turning to some or the either kind of access control systems so as to protect themselves and their property.

There are plenty of security solution companies that are well established and have been operating since many years. Although, it could be a easy to install a access control systems, if you opt to choose a company that not only sells products related to access control systems, but also provide the services of installing those systems at your home or office.

Few Tips on Buying Access Control Systems for your Office or Home

When you purchase access control systems for your business you need to be careful as it’s a long term investment that can help increase of your staff and those visiting your building on regular basis. Choosing access control systems could be a tough task these days as there are extensive range of products available. Thus, you need to choose products based on your requirements and budget to ensure security and safety of your property.

  • You need to choose access control systems from companies who offer repair services, who can come to you in case if you need any repair work for your access control systems.
  • The software you are offered to manage the access control system is imperative. This is an important part of the security process and should be easy to use and manage. Whether you have a surveillance team who can monitor the system for you or you choose to check the system yourself each day, the software should be simple, easy and effective.

You need to choose the style of access control system that will have the ability to provide enough features to match your building. Some systems are designed to only control a limited number of users or access points. Any system installed needs to handle the actual size of the organization

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