The Truth About How to Improve Blood Circulation

The Truth About How to Improve Blood Circulation

For a fact, gaining a good blood circulation is good. There are foods and exercises that help a body to experience a better blood flow. Why is it vital for our health and physical performance? What can we do to be certain that there is good blood flow? Home Healthcare Products are available at this link.

What is good blood circulation?

Our body is made up of systems that help in functioning well. Specifically, the blood circulatory system is our cardiovascular system. It is made up of the heart and blood vessels that functions throughout the whole body. In the body, arteries deliver blood away from the heart. On the other hand, veins carry the blood back to the heart. Two (2) circulatory systems are found in the cardiovascular system, which are the systemic system and pulmonary systems. Particularly, the systemic circulation is the one responsible for delivering oxygen and nutrients going through the arteries and to the organs, tissues and cells. During the time the blood is released, the system takes on the carbon dioxide and other toxic substances. Being low in oxygen, the blood is then delivered to the veins and go back to the heart. On the other hand, pulmonary circulation happens when fresh oxygen is breathed and the oxygen then enters the blood stream, while carbon dioxide is at the same time collected from the blood.

The cycle is processed thru the heart being a pump, delivering oxygenated blood to the bodily system, then getting the de-oxygenated blood from the organs to go back to the lungs to gain oxygen again.

The said process above is about how blood circulation should work in the body. For a fact, the circulatory system is very important for our bodies, which is specially works for athletes seeking to perform stunts at the limits of their capacity. When there is a good blood circulation there is proper distribution of nutrients (like oxygen) in the body. During the time more oxygen is transported to the muscles, experiencing fatigue is lowered down during exercises. This means that a person can perform longer in exercises. Moreover, gaining a good blood flow also contributes to stabilizing body temperature, gain better pH balance and deliver nutrients and waste products to the organs in the body. When there is a problem with the blood flow, the person’s physical capacity and basic health will get affected.

What can you do to gain good blood flow?

Consume beets

Beets bear a high level of inorganic nitrates, which is a basic chemical contained in the water, soil and air. When consumed, it transforms into nitric oxide, which is a strong vasodilator. This is a compound that opens blood veins in the body. For a fact, the nitric oxide dilates the blood vessels and cuts down the amount of oxygen needed to do an exercise. Thru aiding the widening of blood vessels, nitric oxide contributes in gaining an increased blood flow in our skeletal muscle. This means that there are more nutrients such as oxygen that can be delivered throughout the body. It also maintains blood pressure.

Perform Yoga

Studies have proven that yoga can endow certain benefits to the body, which includes reducing blood pressure and a better blood circulation. More levels of stress can lead to hyperactivity in the body’s sympathetic nervous system. This is a part of the nervous system that help speed up the heart rate, constrict blood vessels and add more blood pressure as part of the process of delivering blood and releasing nutrients to the body. Moreover, chronic stress can also be contributive to behaviors let your body gain added blood pressure, like eating and drinking poorly as well as not performing things that reduce blood pressure naturally. Doing yoga is a process that has been shown to aid the nervous system naturally lower down. In a study, it was shown that simply doing the simple yoga pose Savasana for three (3) months resulted to a twenty-six (26) level of lowering down systolic blood pressure and a fifteen (15) reducing down in diastolic blood pressure.

Endure a sports massage

In addition to gaining flexibility, lowering down pain, reducing tension and a better sleep performance, a sports massage, also, aids having a good blood circulation. Specifically, this is the main objective of a sports massage. During a week of exertive training sessions, the muscles and fascia experience microscopic damage that calls for a quick repair through a better blood flow. In this instance, the blood transports the important nutrients to the areas of concern. Furthermore, massage aids in having a better blood flow through the varied styles the masseur do. For a fact, long stroking movements aid in having good blood flow through the circulatory system, while deep massages, also, aid in developing permeability in the fibrous tissues. It permits more fluids and nutrients to flow through the muscles.

Consume superfoods

In the market, there are a lot of superfoods present. It is recommended to add them in your regular diet. For a fact, foods that bear omega-3 fatty acids can help improve the amount of good cholesterol in your blood (HDL) while reducing the level of bad cholesterols (LDL). Such foods are walnuts, kale and wild Alaskan salmon.  The other foods that contain anti-inflammatory properties, antioxidant and healthy fats are goji berries, avocado, spinach, chia seeds, raw organic chocolate and organic coconut oil.

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