Types of Trailers for Shipping

If the shipping or transportation is happening via road, then the shipping company can choose from a huge variety of trailers. They can opt for dry vans, flat beds or for refrigerated vans and more.

When it comes to trailer transports, each transportation mode has a set of their own advantages. At the same time, they have a few disadvantages as well. Now the question is how a carrier determines a trailer? Well, the trailer is chosen depending on what are the wait times and the freight availability along with the haul length. But when it comes to road transportations, there are three types of common truckload trailers on which most carrier depends.

Trailer Types

Dry Van

The dry van trailers are very versatile and it can be used for all kind of freights. One can carry nonperishable food to building material, anything in it. Also, the cargo is secure here and it is well protected from bad weather. These kinds of vans are also protected from theft and damage. One does not need to use straps or chains on the cover to secure the things. Also, these vans have a drop and hook mode which helps the drivers to save much time and effort.

Also there is less hassle in loading and unloading the materials. In case of dry vans there are many companies which provide short hauls along with some additional long hauls. The disadvantage of these dry vans is that sometimes the drivers have to help in handling the freights when there is an unloading process. Also the hard wood floors in most of the dry van trailers are a bit vulnerable and so the life spans of these trailers are not much long.


In case of flat beds, the drivers can earn more depending on how much mile they cover and this is different from other trailer types. This helps in the turnover of the drivers. One can get the opportunities of multiple pick- up and delivery each week. The drivers also do not have to back the trailer to the docks in order to unload the freights. But if one needs to transport some oversized loads then they might need some special hauling and some manoeuvring skills. Also in case of transporting oversized loads one needs to climb on the top and chain them properly. Also securing the oversized loads can be a bit complicated when there is a bad weather condition.


These trailers are perfect when you need to carry some fresh products and deliver them as fresh. The best part of reefer trailers is that they can carry both dry goods and refrigerated products. But the refrigerated trailers tend to haul for a long time and coast to coast distance. But the freights are mostly protected from bad weathers, spoilage and theft. But once the things are unloaded one needs to clear the trailer and clean it well.

Trailer shipping is thus easy with the help of these vans and they are of lesser hassle.

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