Ultrasound Therapy in Removing Pain

Combination Therapy unit physiotherapy consists

Modern methods of physiotherapy

The emphasis of physical therapy, nowadays, is immense due to the enormous amount of stress and pressure in our day to day life. A very common misconception with physiotherapy is that they are mostly limited to massage techniques and stretching.

However different modern methods are in practice nowadays which can give an equally efficient result. One of the recent and easiest ways to combat these problems is by utilizing combination units for ultrasound and electrotherapy.Combination therapy units really help solve this problem.

Combination Therapy

Combination Therapy unit physiotherapy consists of Ultrasound and Electrotherapy units that save both space and time. Ultrasound therapy, an electrotherapy method, has been used in physical therapy practices in recent years. Its non-thermal effect and high frequency sound waves cause vibrations resulting into movement of cell fluids to accelerate the resolution time of the inflammatory process. It also stimulates the production of collagen during tissue healing. Ultrasound therapy is one of the safe and non-toxic treatment technique improving the healing rate of certain soft tissues. 

Common injuries treated with ultrasound therapy

Fibromyalgia- Reduces muscle aches and disturbed sleep associated with Fibromyalgia.

Sciatica:They will help in the relaxation of the piriformis muscle. They are also useful in relieving acute pain, due to the local release of neurotransmitters such as serotonin to block the pain signals in the brain.

Diabetes: Most common side-effects associated with Diabetes are peripheral neuropathy and skin ulcers which can cause severe pain. Ultrasound is effective in reducing the healing time for skin ulcers and also in drastically reducing the pain caused by diabetic neuropathy.

Greater Trochanteric Bursitis: The deep heat from ultrasound override the pain signals of the brain to reduce pain allowing the patient to be able to participate in treatments that will look to increase the flexibility and strength of the joints andmuscles

TMD: Temporomandibular joint disorder or dysfunction (TMD) causes a lot of problems for patients, in particular, pain. The Ultrasound increases blood circulation, along with decreasing the pain and swelling in the jaw.


Although costly,there are many companies availablethat give combination therapy unit at best price range. Starting from a minimum of 700 bucks every individual can enjoy the therapy and home or during travel and get relieved of their strains. A small amount of gel will be applied to the injured body part that needs to be treated.  A sound head which is attached to the ultrasound machine is placed onto the gel and moved in small circles. The machine is set to deliver the appropriate depth and intensity of sound wave required for the treating. Thus this simple technique can relieve us from a lot of pain within few moments with or without the physiotherapist.


As we can see, combination therapy using ultrasound has a wide-range of applications. This versatility and multifunctional nature in the treatment of pain and many other diseases offers greater efficiency in patient’s treatment. It is also expected that with the advancement of the time these technologies will be modified more and more to obtains greater efficient instruments and method to cure and thus creating a world without pain.


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