Burmese ruby

Understanding More about Beautiful Burmese Ruby


Outstanding jewellery requires premium gemstones and a distinguished goldsmith.Years of training completed under renowned masters in established studios offers an apprenticeship like no other. The end product is a new generation of outstanding jewellers, crafting unique pieces of their own and the continuation of an ancient practice. The human race has adorned itself with decorative objects since the earliest times, jewellery has signified many things such as love or status.

Historically, it was believed that rubies embodied life as they were the colour of blood, leading earlier civilisations to value these stones highly. They appear on four occasions in the Bible and are associated with characteristics of insight and allure, whilst earlier in time Sanskrit writings describe them as the “king of precious stones”. The oldest ruby mines in Burma placed significant life giving properties on the red stone, embedding them into the skin of their soldiers for protection in battle.

The etymology of the word ruby is linked to the Latin ruber that translates as ‘red’. As the royal courts of Europe emerged, so too did their preference for fine gemstones and rubies became highly prized, thought to guard against ill health and attract love and financial success. Today, they are just as popular, their deep luminous colour attracts many, and their colour association with passion makes them favoured romantic gifts.

The most popular of all is the Burmese ruby, whilst all mines produce stones of varying grades, those that have a provenance from this region attract the highest prices. How can you be sure of a ruby’s origin? Whilst the Gemological Institute of America does not grade these gems, it does report on their weight, dimensions, colour and features, also whether a stone is natural or man-made and offers an opinion on its source where possible.

Derived from the mineral corundum, ruby is the most prized in this category, which also includes sapphires. Indeed, at market rubies fetch the highest price of all coloured gemstones. The more vibrant the shade and the clearer the stone the higher the price, most of the finest quality rubies tend to weigh under one carat, heavier than this and you’d better have deep pockets!

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